February 1st, 2009

Sailor Steeler


Let's just say that I was already in high spirits today before this moment.

I had gotten plenty of rest, it was reasonably warm outside (enough to melt the snow), and I had learned that Ogre Battle is likely to be released on the Virtual Console. So already the gears have been set in motion for me to have something to fall back on. During so many times tonight, from Big Ben being sacked, to the holding in the end zone, to Larry Fitzgerald running past the defenders, I was almost certain that the Cinderella Cardinals would upset the Steelers. Thank God, yes God, that the Steelers did not lose.

Whereas Super Bowl XL was in part atonement for XXX, a dream deferred, XLIII was something different, and something harder. This was a battle to determine if a franchise could be considered not merely great over a short span of years, but truly dominant over the decades, in spite of the personnel. Arizona lived up to its claim to being the NFC Champion, and for a second there, I thought Ben Roethlisberger was turning into Neil O'Donnell. Yet the Steelers persevered, thanks in no small part to James Harrison (who despite that penalty, should have been the MVP -- he was getting held waaaaay more often than it was called).

Arizona Cardinals, it was a good fight, and I really hope you all don't suffer the Super Bowl loser's curse. I'd love there to be a rematch....as long as the Steelers win, of course.

For one day at least, everything is right in the universe.
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