April 24th, 2009

Sailor Steeler

Writer's Block: Celebrating Friendships

evil_kieben  --  I've known him since 1997, back in the days when Gouki's Page of Whatever was the best place to go for Street Fighter discussion, even if it was a modified Guestbook.  We drifted apart, came together, drifted apart...then came together again.

Then again,  I've known just about all my current LJ friends for years.

miluda   -- I came across her in 1998 on Tavish's site.  I can't remember if  it was before or after Xoom hosted his Negative Edge site and brand new guestbook/board, but I think that's when it was.  Nevertheless, it was when ennui put up his ePoS (ennui's Page of Stuff) and we REALLY got to know each other.  Sadly, she's the only person from those days aside from Kieben that I still contact.  Man I miss ennui, Bushin, WillEVA, EvilNeil, Douggie (a.k.a. CyphR), The Amazing Saikyo (BJ), Cerberus, Mav Hunter from Toronto with that Talbain icon...

magnus_samma   -- I met him in 1999  I know him from back in the day, when InsidetheWeb had a message board system that Red Draco/Nadia Eisner  (now known as Nadia Oxford) used for her web site's forum.  We got to know each other more through AIM, wherein I think I called him more nasty names than I called the rest of the people on my friends list combined.  Despite this, or rather because of this, he's the only person from that crowd who I will have anything to do with, as the rest of Mechadrake crowd decided stab me in the back, share my e-mails with other people, call me slurs, and otherwise turn from supportive and caring friends to utter jerks in the span of 24 hours.

damaris   -- Even though I had been a fan of 411 Wrestling since 1997, and posted on the early 411 forum (the threaded 1999 one where everyone complained about Wresltemania XV), and the rebooted forum (when Stephen Martin was a 15 year old mod and banned us from using HTML)  I really didn't get to know her until the new version of Game Time Forums started in 2001 and she was a mod.  Good times for arguing with her, and in spite of our disagreements, she's one of the few people who I can say made GTF a richer place.  Ah, GTF, where all of the Mechadrake crap happened but only on a magnified scale.  And the sad thing is that they're still obsessed.

sin_ominous  -- I've known him since about 2004  Like the others above, I met him through a message board, ICVDForums.  Again, he's one of the few people from ICVD who I will talk to this day.  One notable difference between this situation and the two listed above is ICVD never pretended to be nice in the first place (which I admired), but upped the ante on Mechadrake and GTF by permanently taking down not one but two of my Web sites long after I no longer posted on the board, but that's another story...

loogaroo  is more of an acquaintance, but I've known him off and on since about 2003 or 2004.

By the way, I really don't know littlekuriboh.  I just friend him so that I can see his updates.   I just friend him so that I can see his updates.