November 16th, 2009

Sailor Steeler

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Sometimes, I'm too paranoid. I've been scared of backlash and as a result, my very reluctance to share personal details has caused me to become a victim of lies and misinformation. Because of this, I'm going to take a big step in opening up and becoming less paranoid. There will not be invisible people who will stop me, because those invisible people don't exist. The support of my friends helps, but I don't need to rely on other people.

So to those of you who have followed me over the years -- Kieben, Miluda, Dam, Spig, Mr. Pla, Loog, and of course, King Furby himself, Arty. Thank you all for being my friends. And if you don't see this, don't worry, I shouldn't be going anywhere. In fact, some of you will learn more about me than you ever knew before.

And to those of you who I've just gotten to know, well, you'll find out more about me than you want to know. One step at a time, though. This is just preamble to a long rant in the future.