February 7th, 2010

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Writer's Block: Superbowl madness or sadness?

If you're in the U.S., will you watch all or part of the Superbowl? Do you have a favorite team? If you're not American, what do you think about Superbowl Sunday?

I don't want to watch what will either be the coronation of Peyton Manning or Kim Kardashian's extension of her 30 minutes of fame.  But thanks to Ed Rendell and Mother Nature, I'm stuck in  a house with other occupants who want to watch the Super Bowl, and I will be working on job-related matters in the main room, and the TV is RIGHT THERE, so I'm probably going to end up watching the game through osmosis.

Steelers, you had BETTER show up in 2010 and win another Super Bowl. After you all get 7, then you can rest on your laurels until Dallas or San Fran gets six.  Actually, I wouldn't be that upset if the 49ers did it...but Dallas is still the threat to the unparalleled Steeler superiority on this front.  I wanna see you all go 19-0 and show the Colts and the Patriots how to be perfect....but I'll settle for a another ring.

I like six, but I want MORE!