February 25th, 2010

Sailor Steeler

Songs on My Mind

Okay, you know that song contest I referred to.  Well, after the initial burst of creative energy for five or six songs, I simply petered out.  However, I will at least post the lyrics of the songs I did complete.  Since my microphone has broken, I won't be able to sing them for you, but this is better than nothing, I suppose.  Here's the first.

Don't Throw Your Life Away

A rose will blossom in its ignorance
Of its impending doom.
It opens up without encumbrance
Into a fleeting bloom.

So don't be the flower that will prick him with your thorns.
You'll only make him bleed.
Then he'll take your body to ensure that it adorns
His crown of endless greed.


Don't throw your life away,
It isn't what it seems.
If you haste
You'll turn to waste
And you'll discard your dreams

Just live another day,
And take a deeper breath.
Or the fate
That will await
You will be worse than death.

The path of martyrs is submerged in pain
Before a final end.
But don't be fooled.  You will resist in vain,
Unable to defend.

You won't be the champion who fights a cause that's just.
He'll bend you to his will.
Then you'll only live to advocate his dark lust
Of every future kill.


What if you're not the hero of
This frightful fantasy?
What if you're just another pawn?

(Don't make a stand, but stay your hand.)

Don't fight him.  Just get out.  Please turn around and flee.
Or through your eyes he'll see the dawn.


Be a hero and you'll lose your soul.