April 5th, 2011

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Ticked off again...

I'm starting to hate the "hide the evidence" game.  People put junk up on the Internet, don't bother to hide it and actually are proud of it.  Then when you call them on it, it gets deleted, locked, or moved.  It's bad enough no one is listening to a "whiner," but it's another matter entirely when a "whiner" starts backing these claims up and the accused tries to erase all evidence of what was written.  It's subverting communication itself.

If I edit something or remove something that's not a typo, usually I'll mention it or make it obvious that I edited it.  I try to provide links when I can, I stand by my words.  If I'm wrong about something I wrote, I'll say I'm wrong...usually in the same conversation.  In fact, I tend to apologize when I'm wrong, which is a foreign concept to the people I've written about.  I don't hide my previous entries, even when they are boring rants about minor annoyances.

I'm sorry, but this line of thinking where, "Oh, nobody cares about this, so I have to make sure my words are excised from history" is disturbing.  It can understand letting matters stay in the past, but revising history on top of wielding one's existing clout sickens me.  Is it so hard for people to acknowledge and accept responsibility for what they communicated, especially when the same people continue to punish me for things I've written years ago?