June 21st, 2012


Stop Begging!

There are literally a hundred things I am pissed off about, but right now, this one is pissing me off most of all.

We are living in a culture of begging, and I am getting sick of it.  If someone is having a problem, begging strangers to help one out should not be an acceptable solution.

If someone bullies me, I don't want you to beg others to give me money.  Please don't.  I want you to hold the person who bullied me accountable.

If I can't manage my money and my business goes south and I can't pay my bills, don't beg others to give me money.  I want you to tackle the problem as to why the bills are so high to begin with so I can do better in my next venture.

If my computer is not working and I can't fix it, don't beg other people to give me money,  Just be patient and let me truck along until i can get things in order.

Begging and charity are mere band-aids for deeper societal and personal problems, and only affect the wounds people want to see.  For every person who gets $200, $2,000, or $200,000, there are millions who go further into debt and poverty.

Don't give me money.  Either takes steps fix the problem or let the problem fix itself.

And this is coming from a "bleeding-heart" liberal.