April 26th, 2015

Sailor Steeler

2014, From Bad to Worse

This is my first and only post for 2014, and it's telling that it took until halfway through 2015 to post it.

The good news is that I still live and still am able to write in this venue.

The bad news is that it doesn't matter whether I live, as no one has read and taken to heart what I've written, which makes life meaningless.

The Sailor Moon Boycotts (both mine and the other one) were pointless, with rare exception, they did not cause "Moonies" to re-examine their own prejudices and approporiation of Japanese works as cultural window dressing. The movemenets did not encourage the license holders to release the old dub. Instead proved that boycotts do not work and that it's wrong to try them.

Crowdfunding has gone from merely the standard to now the realm of the privileged.  It's sad that now only those who don't need crowdfunding to are able to create the "suspense"  and to advertise their own product at the expense of their followers.  Why can't people crowdfund people without followings and thus make unknown people into success stories? The Internet is now about successful people cyberbegging.

The problem is it's all about hype, not substance, or worth.  It's all about tricking people, not lifting people up.  Kickstarter could be used to get the girl with no experience her own graphic novel.  Indiegogo could be used to give the guy denied loan after loan and into debt to his eyeballs a second chance

The irony is those who talk about privilege the most are the ones to reward others in their own social circles to lift them up, instead of falling for what's "hot" and wasting money because it's trendy.

No one is going to Kickstart my dreams, so why should I Kickstart anyone else's?