Nangbaby (nangbaby) wrote,

Bringing back the stockades

As anyone who reads this journal knows, I often feel "down" a lot. Over the past couple of weeks I've been actually feeling better, and I realize that I haven't been whining about talent and such lately. While I still believe in the things I said before, I think it's because I've finally found something to make me happy. You see, there are certain individuals who can spew venom at people but are not held accountable for it. They know that their hateful words will have no impact on their own lives because they aren't putting their words on MySpace or even LJ, and a potential employer is not going to sift through thousands of posts to find the dirt. So I'm plan on giving the public a little help. Since, unlike me, these people put their real names, birthdays, and other personal information on public display, then I plan on publicly shaming them by their very own words. It would be easily the most controversial page on the web, but perhaps the most invaluable one as well. The only question is if there's a host trusting enough to let me do my thing.

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