Nangbaby (nangbaby) wrote,

I fail to understand this...

A lot of people, be it interacting with me in person or even on-line on AIM, think I'm a nice person. I tell them, no it isn't the case, and try to convince them of my utter cruelty, but they won't have any of it and respond, "You're just being harsh on yourself."

Yet not even a month or two later, these same people will proclaim I am mean and that they are tired of me, and be utterly convinced that I somehow misled them. Look, I told you that I am not a nice person. If I am such a "cool" person to know, why is it within a month you turn on me? If I'm such a nice person, why do you feel a need not only to communicate but demonstrate your antipathy toward me? And if I'm mean? How did I mislead you? By saying I was nice? Now I'm a liar, too. Wo-hoo!

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