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I suppose I'm the only one who is upset by the change over the years in webdesign from HTML to PHP and CSS.

HTML, while seeming intimidating at first, is actually relatively easy and fun. The syntax is simple, and the formatting even simpler. But PHP and CSS, both touted as being easy, are in actuality a nightmare to try to build a site in unless you've had a class focusing specifically in them. You could pick up HTML by looking at the source code of sires and trying it on your own. With PHP and CSS, the idea that someone could come along and learn solely by doing is a foreign idea. I barely understand the sole stylesheet I use for my site.

The worst part about this, though, is that fact that older browsers are simply left in the dust. While there's always going to be an element of this with the nature of a constantly upgrading Web, at least with HTML, even if a certain tag wasn't supported, one could work around it. But with these new tools there's a certain strictness that is reminiscent of true programming languages rather than a markup language. If something isn't supported, then the user can't see anything. And since no one bothers making pages for users browsing with NetExplorer 4.0, then you're force to upgrade the browsers as well, forcing along a change that some people can't adapt to.

Then again, it doesn't help things when the W3C forces some BS standards that make writing HTML the right way a damn nightmare. You're supposed to put a slash in BR tag now? Bullshit!

It's times like this I wish there were an HTML revolution.

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