Nangbaby (nangbaby) wrote,

Three Things

  1. Some of you may know that I'm nearsighted, although I'm significantly impaired in my right eye. Over the past few months, my vision in both eyes gotten worse. But a weird thing happened last night. After being on the computer until 3AM looking at a whole bunch of senseless Wikipedia articles, I could actually see. While there was still some slight loss of visual acuity, I could see...well! I thought it was a miracle. Then I went to sleep, woke up, and was blind as usual. The story of my life...
  2. Up until recently, I avoided 4-chan like the plague, because I thought it was just a hentai palace. It turns out that despite being a hentai palace, it is indeed one of the best message boards I'd ever have the pleasure of viewing.
  3. I finally got FFIV for GBA a few weeks ago, and while I may rant about it in the future, I learned something about the game mechanics. I was in the cave that leads to the Land of Summons and got attacked by that 2 Warrior/4 Mini Satana combination. I underestimated the HP that the Mini Satana had, so he counterattacked and hit Cecil with Confuse. The first action Cecil did while under control of the enemy? Cast Teleport. I got scared because I thought it was going to be an instant KO, meaning it'd be my first game over in this game (so far that hasn't happened). Instead, the party was teleported from of the battle. So it was in essence, a "run" without dropping money. Then again, I almost never run in RPGS, so this newest development was about as worthless as a three-dollar bill.

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