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I'm so mad right now...

I see another lie. "If you try and try again, you will succeed."

What utter bullshit. You know, I'm so sick of this lie I have decided to personally challenge

All right from this day forth every day for a YEAR, I am going to draw something and put effort into it. That's right. Me, a non-visual aritst. And I can guarantee that by the end of the 365 days, I will not only be no better, but I will be worse at any artistic endeavors than when I started. I am so confident that I vow that I do manage to improve significantly after a year, then I will no longer claim to be untalented.

That's right. I'm that confident.

And yes, I'll publish the results on a weekly basis. Just not under this webspace, but on some other space I'll tell you all about privately.

I will prove the lie to be a LIE.

Those are the conditions! Off to the drawing board.

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