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Little Black Bugs

Yesterday, as I was leaving my house, I was horrified by the confluence of hundreds of black bugs at my door.

These bugs are not exactly unfamiliar. They are complerely black save for a red, v-shaped line on their backs, and they resemble roaches to an extent. They appear every year about this time, when it gets warm and summer gasps its last breath before fall ascends to the throne of seaons. They usally line the wall and windows where the sunlight hits in the late afternoon. They do not, usually, line the space between the regular door and the screen door.

They did yesterday.

The strangest thing of all is that despite their sheer number, these bugs made no attempt to actually get inside the house, unlike most bugs that jump at the opportunity (or at least follow me inside). While these black bugs will "bite" if you chase them away from their sunbathing, unlike some insects, they don't perceive an object walking past them as a potential threat or a meal ticket. Or, at least I hope they aren't just taking notes for later.

However, I don't know what the names of bugs are. So they're just little black bugs until an expert can make the proper diagnosis.

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