Nangbaby (nangbaby) wrote,

Sailor Steeler sat and held her head between her gloved hands, staring at the grass in front of her. This season had gone nothing like she had expected. None of her powers were working, and in the past few weeks, she had gone from defending champion to a lauaghable loser. She sighed, and an uncharacteristic pout manifeseted itself on her face. She expelled a whisper-like moan to break the silence, then let the weeds of quiet grow around her yet again.

Unknown to Sailor Steeler, a figure in a black cowl and black robes watched the Sailor Scout. She shook her head and walkes away, thinking, I susppose it is time for desperate measures.

She pulled out a key from her the folds of her clothing, then extended her arm forward as though unlocking a door. Magically, a large, black heyhole shaped portal appeared, dowing from the size of a speck to the several feet tall and wide. The robed woman stepped through, leaving no trace of her existence. A few minutes later she returned to reality through the mysical doorway and called out to the brooding Sailor Scout.

"Sailor Steeler, you have a new training partner!"

A woman with shoulder-length bouncy black hair floated forward from the darkness. Her frame was muscular, but slim. She wore an outfit of black like the mysterious stranger, but unlike the other's mysterious robes, her sleeveless, unitard exposed her arms and collarbones. Two black boots hung from her feet as she hovered, and a skirtlike attachment that billowed despite the fact there was no wind. A pair of cupped, brown bestial ears sat atop her head, and from her back extended a long and bushy brown tail with a white tip.

"Sailor Steeler," the robed figure continued, "meet Foxy Tomato Tamony. She will be training you on the art of the two minute drill. But she's only got thirty minutes."

"Actually," Tamony correct, speaking in a voice that seemed have a preternatural echo, "it's 28 1/2 now that we've gone through all the introductions."

"You sound funny," Sailor Steeler said to Tamony as she stood up.

"How perceptive..." Tamony smiled. "But where's your ball?"

"I threw the football away. Nobody cares about me."

"Quit being so emo! Here's another one." Tamony turned her palm upward and literallt out of notwhere a football ball appered in Tamony's hand. "We don't have a second to spare. Let's go!" Tamony grabbed Sailor Steeler by the arm and began to run. Sailor Steeler let out a cry of alarm, but soon found herself running and smiling alongside the new woman. For the first time today, Sailor Steeler felt as though she had hope.

Who is Foxy Tomato Tamony? Why does she have these mysterious powers? And more importantly, will her training help Sailor Steeler back to the path of victory? All these questions and more will be answered in the next episode?

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