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Why do I even bother?

Well, since I don't have anything to do right now, I might as well write the summary of something that has come to mind today. I once made a very short series of sprite comics that blatantly ripped off Magnus's style, but to tell the truth it was going to be something larger. Since I can't even come up with a complete narrative to give, I might as well give a summary. And before some of you complain, yes I know everyone is acting out of character. It's one of the reasons why I didn't pursue the idea any more than I should.

In the series, the original theme would be "Ask Rose," where various Capcom characters would come to ask Rose for advice. In the ones I made Vega asked Rose for advice concerning a woman he liked and Mega Man X came from the future help defeating Morph Moth. In the latter case, though, X was stupid enough to bring Morph Moth with him. Fortunately, with the intervention of Dhalsim, Morph Moth is defeated, and X goes back to the future. However, the damage has already been done as in Morph dying moments, Jedah is able to take his soul and break out of the Darkrealm with full power. So Rose and Jedah have a standoff, but in the end it's resolved with...yes...a HUG. Turns out they're lovers! (Yeah, who'd have thought that?)

But because this is a silly comic and they need interaction, Jedah takes Rose out on a date to fancy restaurant, and where they run into another unlikely couple -- Cammy and Jon Talbain. When Cammy first sees Rose, that brainwashing/programming kicks in and she starts attacking Rose, but Rose counters, knocking Cammy back into her senses. So they gossip about the latest news that Demitri is trying to wed Morrigan again, and a panel is shown where he's trying to take a stone statue of her down the aisle (referencing the DS3 ending). So Demitri invites the entire Darkrealm to the ceremony, but just as they're about to pronounce Demitri and statue Morrigan to life, Morrigan turns from stone to flesh and kicks runs Demitri out of the unholy sanctuary (see a pattern here)

After this, Vega returns, asking Rose for more advice about his mystery crush and reveals her identity...Cammy. Rose tells him it's hopeless and Vega, upset again pouts, then overhears Demitri's indignation getting humiliated and his plans for ruling the Darkrealm ruined once again. Vega then approaches him with an offer...he'll gladly help Demitri out if Demitri helps him break up Cammy and Jon. Demitri accepts, certain that there's no way a human would beat Morrigan.

Not too long after this Morrigan and Lilith are arguing. Lilith wants more "body" time (since she merged with Morrigan). Morrigan caves into Lilith's demands and lets her have a temporary body, and Lilith runs off. Side note, Lilith goes to find Sakura and introduce her to Lilith's newest "friend" (read "assassin”) B.B. Hood. But, back to Morrigan. The process drains her, and she thinks she needs a man right about now. And then Vega shows up. Morrigan goes into full seduction mode, but it has no effect on Vega (because he only has eyes for himself...and Cammy) and he cuts her up pretty bad, then drags her body all the way back to Demitri. Demitri takes off with the slashed Morrigan to the quickest judge/dark priest/whatever to seal their union, but before he does, he gives Vega a piece of paper that he says will drive a wedge between Cammy and Jon forever.

So after a few side stories -- B.B. Hood trying and failing to kill Lilith and Sakura, more "Ask Rose," Demitri coming into power and being just as easily dismissed -- then Vega comes back into the picture with Amanda (or Anita, if that's her official US name now). He tells Cammy that this is her daughter...with Bison! The DNA test confirms this, and if it didn't, this girl's Psycho Powers would. So this launches all sorts of suspicions, especially since Jon and Cammy don't have kids and it raises questions as to how many men Cammy "doesn't remember." OF course it's later revealed that Amanda was a genetically engineered child from DNA samples and not conceived the old fashioned way, but by then Vega has taken advantage of the situation and wormed his way into Cammy's heart. But she goes back to Jon and the two of them are able to have a kid together, who they name Thomas. Unfortunately for them, he takes a liking to the shoto-clones a bit too much and starts dressing up as Ryu. (And yes, I'm implying what you think I'm implying.)

As for Jedah and Rose, other than her having to slap some sense into him whenever he starts thinking about collecting all the souls in the world, having to deal with the issue of an immortal and a mortal in love, the people who butt in to ask Rose the stupidest questions at the worst times (Yeah, we mean you, X.)...well it goes fine for a while. Then in a comic toward the end of the series we find out after Rose’s death Jedah put her scarf to the side...then started his "saving" the world plans all over again. Too bad a certain red and gray robot happened to interrupt the ritual get Rose's scarf caught around his neck.

Now I bet those UDON guys will take some of this and incorporate it into their Street Fighter and Darkstalker comics.

As I was writing last sentence I was thinking about all the fans of female fighting game characters on-line. However, they usually try to put rivalries between their favorite lady and another lady. While I can understand the idea of having foils, since I like most of the ladies, I find it incomprehensible that Chun-Li fans would strongly dislike Cammy and vice versa. Then again only female Capcom character I have actively disliked is R.Mika. But then again, my perspectives on fighting game characters has always been different than most. I see Lilith as more innocent -- no not "good" by any stretch -- than deliberately scheming and evil. And I swear there was this one conversation between Elena and Makoto in Street Fighter III: Third Strike...
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