Nangbaby (nangbaby) wrote,

Things I Learned This Year.

I will update this list as I think of things, but here's a small list of the things I learned this year.

1. In order to get the Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector to connect and receive from the Internet, you have to configure your firewall properly. With Norton Internet Security, you have to add the program and set it to permit all connections to and from the Internet. With Notron Personal Firewall 2003, you have to not only do this, but you also have to explicitly allow outbound UDP connections in the firewall rules section.

2. In order to play video games on your computer legally, you can do so through a TV card. However, TV Cards often have delay built in that prevents. Fortunately, this can be bypassed in Hauppauge PVR 150/250/350 models through a registry tweak in which you enable LivePreview. There is still a delay, but it is slight. That I already knew.

However, to record a video game is another matter entirely. There is a device Adaptec Gamebridge, that can record performances, but it had been discontinued for some odd reason. Yet if you have an internal Hauppauge TV Card (a PVR 150 model works definitely), one can use Ulead DVD Movie Factory to record a live feed. The catch is that it has to be at least a 4.0 version of the program or higher, and one has to download a patch to get it to accept the input from the TV Card properly.

There's a link to the Hauppauge patch for Ulead Video, but I can't remember where it is at this time. If you buy the PVR 150 package, you get both the program and the card for a reasonable price. This is the way I used to record excepts from the 24 Days of Final Fantasy III -- Forum Edition.

I'll rewrite the above when I can actually sit down and think about this.

3. The media is not good for sustaining attention on an important issue, but at least it can bring attention to an issue. The sad thing is that people like Mel Gibson and Michael Richards get the spotlight put on them for their hateful statements, yet for every person who vows not to, two more decided to say "There's nothing wrong with what was said. I'm going to buy all their products." They follow through, then the media doesn't bring any more attention to the issue, causing many of the people who promised a boycott to simply forget about it and NOT follow through. As a result, it dies down in the minds of those but the offended. However, if it weren't for the Internet and the media, it's very likely we would have never known about it at all. So it's a double-edged sword.

4. I finally figured out how to do speech balloons in GIMP, but I haven't had any time to sit down and use the program because of everything that has happened (hard-drive crash.)

5. YouTube is too addictive, even moreso than Newgrounds. If only I had Flash and other programs so that I could actually work on material for both.

6. My paranoia has cost me and saved me. Because I was paranoid, I missed out on buying something when I didn't have the chance. Because I was paranoid, though, my enemies don't have shit on me, even though they think they do. And yeah, I do have people who are out to get me, sadly. (Their very reaction to my presence indicates otherwise.)

7. Unfortunately, though I was paranoid, I wasn't paranoid enough in one regard. One of my closest on-line friends did betray me in the second worst possible way. (Don't worry, people on my friends list, it wasn't one of you. ;) And if you're a random person, it wasn't you either.) Needess to say, he and I are no longer friends even after knowing each other for years, which is sad because there are few people I actually trust and to have that number reduce by one really, really hurt. I know some of the people who have read this have gone through worse heartbreak, so I know it can be worse, but still.

8. Working isn't the evil that I thought it would be, but working weekends sucks.

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