Nangbaby (nangbaby) wrote,

Something Bad and Stupid

For a peek into how my mind works, I want to show you how scene appears in my mind. I type this as it comes to mind, with no editing. Typos, grammatical errors, logical errors, and a lack of details will all be even more apparent than in my regular entures.


Clouds helped darkness keep its hold on the sky long after the sun had risen, and pelted those underneath them with an onslaught of drops. It was a morning fit for neither man not beast, but a pair of each withstood the elements. Two men on horseback withstood the expectoration of the sky, brown cowls covering their bodies as they galloped across the wet grass. With little warning, one of the riders tugged on the reins, causing the horse to slow down to a stop. In suit, the second rider mimcked this action.

"No, brother," the first rider said. "You shall come no further."

"But--" the second rider began.

"I thank you for coming this far, Isaac, but I cannot put your life in jeopardy."

"David, I've chosen this path."

"But I will not let you continue it. If the Duke does not want me on his land--"

"Vincentio is mad. If he wants to break us apart, why should we let him?"

"Because you do not bear the dishonor I do. The word of a murderer is never believed, even if he did not kill anyone."

"If I stay here, I'll earn that dishonor--"

"No, do not even say it. You have always been loyal. Now is the time for you to be more loyal than ever. It would do no good for both of us to suffer."

Isaac remained silent and watched as his brother coax his horse forward a few steps.

"I will come back for you one day, I promise," David said over his shoulder, before he faced the same direction as his horse and galloped into the distance. The two brothers would hear word of each other on occasion. Perhaps messages would pass on carrier pigeon telling of each other's exploits, but both knew that they would see each other no more as long as David was a wanted man.
Tags: creativity, random prose, writing

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