Nangbaby (nangbaby) wrote,

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Why are my lips turned up at the corners?

I hate this creeping sense of euphoria that grows stronger with every second.

No, I don't want to be happy right now. Every time I give in to that good feeling, I always end up feeling ten times worse than when a little ray sunshine beamed in my life. That little flicker of optimism always goads me into thinking I can do something. But I'm not going to fall for it this time, even though the weather is so nice...Hmm...maybe I can actually begin work on that project I discarded. Maybe I can do some spring cleaning while I'm at it. I'm in the position to do what I want now...

...great it's starting, and I don't have the resolve to stay miserable. Oh well, I think I'm going to head outside tomorrow and enjoy the warmth.

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