Nangbaby (nangbaby) wrote,

Another of my old ideas...

I was doing some spring cleaning today and I came across something that I had long forgotten, a silly piece of paper about a planned parody page I was going to create. Looking back on it, it's terrible, even though some of the "mistakes" I made are purely intentional. Since I think typing it up will give me something to laugh at, I present the text on this sheet of paper verbatim.

This page is a joke and is not meant to be taken seriously.

H.A.S -- Humans Are Superior

(the true humanist page)

The HAS Stands for Humans Are Superior. We are against all mutants, Darkstalkers, aliens, hybrids, reploids or any other sentient, non-human creatures. Why? Because they're troublemakers. In nearly every Capcom game, one of the above groups is the cause of needless death. What's even worse is the fact the non-human heroes claim to be doing the right thing, but are responsible for all the troule: Example - Sigma. He wants to destroy the human race (boo!). But if it weren't for X, the supposed hero, Sigma would have never existed! Thanks a lot, X, you've just destroyed the human race!

So just say no to non humans

(Lilith pic) (Anita pic) (Felicia pic)

See the above three. Don't let their faces fool you. All of them are EVIL. Don't trust them, don't listen to the, Destroy them.

Lilith -- Her capital offense is that she feigns the appearance of a child, corrupt and evil. She's no girl; she's a monster and must be treated as such.

Amanda -- This half-breed poses as an innocent as well, but she is more evil than Lilith. She's a hybrid with enormous potential to destory the world. She must be eliminated before something catastrophic occurs.

Felicia -- And this is the worst of them all! Why? She entices our human mates with how surprisingly little fur grows on her body. Men! I urge you not to fall victim to her spell nor believe her lies.

But there are humans out there that are just as bad as these creatures we oppose. In fact one of them is the #1 threat to humanity. Here he is!


(pic of Thomas Xavier Light)

That's right, this man is a traitor to his species. First he creates several robots, which stal the jobs of thousands of people. If that wasn't bad enough, he created the world's first reploid and is partially responsible for Sigma's war against us. But worst of all, he believes that it's possible for reploids and humans to coexist. That foolishness is what got a lot of people killed.

Yeah, that's it, but as I engage in spring cleaning. Beware, I have more horrid pieces from the past to foist upon my LJ readers. That alongside random sprite and image edits.
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