Nangbaby (nangbaby) wrote,

Make Mine Dubbed, please

I was feeling down today. Really down. Then I see this on and smiled.

[Sailor Moon] jumped as soon as the hardcore fans realized that people were watching who didn't have 'the full picture' and therefore felt a need to educate the rest of us. Who cares if character X was originally a man, or sailors Y and Z are supposed to be lovers? It's a damn cartoon, not Shakespeare! I really doubt if the Sailor Moon 'plots' get better once these tidbits are known to the viewer, since every episode is EXACTLY the same. Why don't you fanboys (and girls) get hold of the non-dubbed, non-subtitled episodes (since I'm sure real anime fans can speak Japanese better than the Japanese) and quit whining to the rest of us?

Although I don't completely agree with this person's opinion, this lets me believe that there is hope in the world.

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