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It's another blast from the past...

Once again, I find another piece of paper from the past with an idea that I had long ago discarded. This was an extenstion of a mythology I had created for a high school project, although it's obvious to trace this idea to the various things I stole from. Since I didn't like this mythology sitting by itself, it was to tie into one of the innumerable RPG story ideas I had thought up. I don't know what happened to the piece of paper that detailed the main plot, although it's really your standard stuff (New bad guys show up, good guys set out to defeat this threat, one good guy gets beytrayed then comes back as a morally ambigious savior rather than the pure hearted hero he was as the start.)

The world in which this was supposed to take place in was not some medeival fantasy type place, though, but one where scientific knowledge had gotten far enough for the relationship between electricity and magnetism to be known by scholars and such, but one lacking in some areas -- for instance, no refridgeration. The sad thing is that I've been thinking of revamp the goddesses a little for another project, but I'll let you see the bad stuff now:

A long time ago, people worshipped the eight goddesses. They were...

Aira (Sacred Animal: Eagle) -- The leader and the most powerful of the goddesses. She is the goddess of wind, the sky, and birds.

Aqua (Sacred Animal: Dolphin) -- The second goddess is the jealous, cocky, water goddess. She rules the sea, water, rain, and all life in the rivers and oceans.

Terra (Sacred Animal: Mole) -- Earth goddess, she is the goddess of the mountains, the underground caverns, and dirt. She is often silent, never attacking, but defending herself and Aira if the need rises.

Fira (Sacred Animal: Phoenix) -- The fourth goddess is the goddess of fire, heat, the sun, and of man-made light. She is not an angry goddess, but is often a sad one as she watches how mankind misuses her gift. Her shrines are usually found near volcanoes.

Fria (Sacred Animal: Penguin) -- She is the goddess of cold and snow, but is sometimes associated with the moon. Probably the most benevolent goddess, she is perhaps one of the weakest. She has been cast to the ends of the earth, with only a few creatures to keep her company. She is very loyal to Aira.

Sparka (Sacred Animal: None) -- The goddess of lightning is not widely worshipped, and is angry about that. She often lashes out at innocents for no apparent reason.

Flora (Sacred Animal: Deer) -- Plant goddess, forest goddess, and goddess of crops (along with Terra), she is dependent on many of the goddesses to thrive. Though she often can't act alone, when combines with two or three other goddesses, she can become very powerful. Like most goddesses, she is faithful to Aira.

Blade (Sacred Animal: Bat) -- This is the goddess of the shadow and the night, although people link her to dark magic, demons, monsters, and even death. She also had prophetic abilities. Normally she is a loyal goddess, but recently, she has been questioning her leader's position.

How does this relate to the RPG -- Here it goes, although the full story isn't knonw until halfway through the RPG.

Blade fell in love with a mortal, Kevin, who was an excellent, humble warrior. She often descended from the realm of the goddesses to visit him. The two were faithful lovers, though Blade knew that as a mortal, he would die. She begged Aira to make him immortal, but Aira said she couldn't do this. The next day, Kevin was killed by an assassin who mistook him for someone else. Blade grew angry at Aira for not only letting him die but also not allowing her revenge, She then plotted with Aqua, Sparka, and a reluctant Fira to take over as leader of the goddesses.

In the realm of the goddesses there was a great battle. Aira, Terra, Fria, and Flora battled against the others and lost. Blade and her allies then trapped the four in crystals, sending them to different places in the mortal realm. The entire planet was thrown off balance that day, even if no one noticed it yet.

The priests and priestesses of the goddesses were all shocked. Blade's followers, who were often given prophetic visions by the goddess, only received her orders to conquer the world. Most refused, including their leader, the high priestess Elisa. But Blade formed her own gang and made Elisa submit. Warriors of Blade, as they were known, took over the entire kingdom, and the people surprisingly welcomed their triumph, not knowing what was in store for them.

After a continuous uphill battle, the heroes free the godddesses and convince Sparka (by saying senseless killing won't get her followers), Fira (who was sorry she ever trusted Blade and helped the heroes), and Aqua (they tell her Blade will never let her be #1) to turn on Blade. They attack her, but she calls upon a power greater than the goddesses -- Omega, their evil creator. As he begins to destroy the earth, Blade realizes her error and tries to rectify it with the other goddesses by killing Omega, who easily defeats them. Then the spirit of Alpha, Omega's orginal destoryer, appears and guides the heroes to victory. Blade apologizes for what she has done and asks that Aira kill her, so that she could be with Kevin. But Aira and all the other goddesses forgive her for her betrayal. THE END

So that's it, for now...
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