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More Bad Stuff...

Sometimes, I remember things as better than what they were.

Take that discarded notes for the discarded plot in my last post for instance. I remembered the content, sadly, to be better than what it was. I won't use the excuse that it's ten years old, because upon rereading this drivel, I'm certain forgot this crap on purpose.  This is actually so bad that it I feel compelled to show it, just to humble myself whenever I think I can do anything.

It was so long that I could not literally type up the whole thing in one night, so I present the character list for now.  I make no attempt to fix the poorly-worded sentences, the changes in tenses, or the terrible grammar.  I transcribe this from the paper to this journal as is, with some minor formatting for readibiliy's sake.

Character List -- in order of appearance

Candice ("Candy") Carter -- She is the young girl who often has dreams that foretell the furutre. She also goes into trances. These dreams are sent by the trapped goddesses (Aira. Terra, Flora, and Fria) to aid the party in their quest to free them. Candice also has the ability to shatter the crystals containing the bound dietes along with her brither Allie. She can cast some wicked spells later on in the game.

Advantage -- your best magic user, knowing every single spell there is
Disadvantage -- not a good fighter, keep her away from hand-to-hand combat

Allie Carter -- Candice's older brother is not the courageous hero at first, but eventually he growns into (another) the role of a mage. He seems to be useless, but like Candice, has not only a function in the story, but fights with magic well too. He's not as good of a spellcaster as Candy, but is quicker and uses defensive spells (like Cure, Fast, Slow -- on enemy, Wall, etc.) better and can enhance Candy's abilities.

Advantage -- Works well w/Candice
Disadvantage -- not a fighter, nor as good a wizard as Candice

Note -- Those last two are not the "heroes" for they aren't the direct descendants of Alpha. They aren't used in the final battle.

Stephen Arris -- He is one of the Arris brothers, a duo unmatched in strength. Stephen is the calmer and more conservative of the two, and makes a good leader w/out Thomas or Alex. However, he knows he has to be the stable core of any group he is in, and prefers to follow. One of the only stable and unchanging characters, he is powerful and agile. He can also fight barehanded, like his brother, and often fares better that wat.

Advantages -- A solid character. You can't go wrong with him. Also teams up excellently with Reggie.
Disadvantages -- He doesn't have any standout qualities by himself. Uneye is stronger and others are quicker.

Reggie Arris -- Reggie can be more emotional than his brother and more pigheaded too. Though ridiculed by many opponents by being the dumber brother, he is actually the one who comes up with the better ideas -- acting on them before all the kinks have worked out. Also, his unorthodox style of fighting is the perfect complement to Stephen's straightforwardness.

Advantages -- Better than average. Teams well with Stephen.
Disadvantages -- Weird style may cause problems at first.

Thomas Stevens -- possibly the most interesting character of the RPG, he himself is a personification of its nature. In part one, he is an amiable guy who seems to be hiding something (like the planet seems to be okay, but the damage is eating away at its core) though we don't know what. His attitude matches that of the first half of the game, kind of lighthearted with a few sad moments, and his fighting style matches, being the most (boring) straightforward fighter and well rounded -- quick, agile, and somewhat strong. This all changes with the betrayal of his hometown (that's what Candice's dream could also refer to, not just Nick's), even though the RPG has already started its darker turn. With his departure, ther RPG finishes its transformation from good-natured to mean, as he begins his,

We don't see him until part two -- when he returns as a "dark angel" to guide the rebels to victory. In this new, undead form, this vampire could do what the human side of him could never do. His attacks and very persona change, as he is on the line between good and evil. It is only Alex's love and his friends who keep him from going over the edge. He doesn't return to the player's control until the big showdown (Blade Warriors defending Castle Plutonia) so you don't see much of his attacks. His decision to stay on the side of good allows the heroes to triumph once more.

Part I

Advantages -- an average fighter. Works well with Alex
Disadvantages -- boringly average

Part II

Advantages -- Plenty of them. Nearly invulverable. Blade Warriors' Shadow attacks bounce right off him
Disadvantages -- Healing spells hurt him, as does other white magic. He can't be healed by potions -- only his Drain spell works, and he constantly loses HP, although it is slow and and stops when he gets below 10% (he'll automatically cast Drain on the most suitable target.) Fire can damage him as well.

Alexandria "Alex" Lawrence -- She may be fiery, but she doesn't have a hot temper. Alex is one tough cookie, up to the guys in stamina and quickness. She still has to sort out her emotions, after all; dying and coming back to life can confuse a person. Though they love each other in part one, Alex and Thomas realy funcion better as a unit in part two, where all the secrets are revealed and the truth can no longer be hidden. Alex also has a time as the leader of the rebellion in Plutonia, where she gets complaints from Shrew, a misogynist who later sees the error of his ways. Patrick is another person she has to deal with, since part of her is fascinated by his looks and personality, while the other part remains patient, waiting for Thomas and the fall of the Warriors of Blade.

I quit advantages and disadvantages so I can get to the characters.

Mack -- Yes, he is crazy as a loon. Evildoers drive him up the wall, but anyone who even breathes on his wife will become prey for the madman. He joins the Blade Warriors to infiltrate them, and he does a good job of pretendig to be one of them, He is also tempted to stay with the Warriors of Blade when he finally gets to see his wife, but he knows he can't do it. This doesn't stop Patrick from going after him, and if it isn't for Thomas's interference, Mack and Pat will annihilate each other.

Patrick -- This bounty hunter/mercentary has a heart of gold underneath his cocky, uncaring attitude, He deserted his wife, Lee, in order to protect her from any assassins who were after him. The Blade Warriors offer him membership, which he refuses. He doesn't join the rebels because he is a loner, though he helps them in their assault on Plutonia Castle. Another reason why he doesn't join is because he knows that Alex has some misplaced feelings for him (she still loves Thomas but is looking for companionship, something Patrick can't offer), and doesn't want to complicate her life (or cheat on his wife, after the kindness she showed him).

Uneye -- He's big, he's got one eye, and he's the last of his kind (a half-breed human/cyclops at that) For most of the game, he works for one master (Evile) or another (Nick and the Warriors of Blade) when Patick, Mack, and Thomas convince him that he's been used all his life. Slow, but *immensely* powerful and physically tough, Uneye becomes a great ally, as well as good friends to Alex and Thomas. Like most members of the Warriors of Blade, he doesn't want to glorify Nick; he wants a place to belogn and to uplift the common man.

Note: Uneye is pronounced YOU-nigh

The previous seven are the heroes who combine to form Alpha, the ultimate hero.

Other charaters you can control

(King) George -- the King can fight! He may be royalty but that doesn't stop him from using his sword to defend himself from Plutonia to Nits.

(Queen) Atalanta
-- If George is good, she is even better, using her speed and power to overwhelm an enemy. These two are so good that the only reason why they need an escort is for their children.

Apollo -- He is an idealist, a noble who is confident in himself and the people's conscience. He wasnt to get into High Society, but the other three memebers don't think he has what it takes. James shows his stamp of approval before he dies and Apollo becomes their leader.

Terry -- This guy learns a hard lesson about the Warriors of Blade; it's easier to enter than to exit the clique.

Bad Guys

Nick -- The leader of the Warriors of Blade
Harry -- Nick's 1st general
Barry -- Nick's 2nd general
Anthony -- The chancellor turned spy -- he isn't part of the military portion of of the Blade Warriors, but is the most high ranking Blade Warriors official other than Nick
Evile -- the head demon and mastermind of threats in Part I -- doesn't join the Warriors of Blade
Damion -- Evile's head crony, not really bad, though, just on the wrong side
High Society (group) -- Bad in first half, good in second
Jackal and Jaguar -- a dog-man and a cat-woman pair that fights each other as much as it does your party
Larry -- Harry and Barry's friend only a*

^ I never described these two but they're probably just generic bad guys. They might be Blade Warriors, they might be Evile's underlings, or they might be neither.

* I never actually finished this sentence, but upon thinking about it was probably something long the lines "only a little younger" or "only a little shorter" as he's supposed to be the youngest Blade Warrior.
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