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Happy Belated Birthday...

It's a little too late, but here's a Happy Belated Bithday to Kieben, whom I hope has many, many more.

And finally, so I can throw this paper away!

The plot -- Part I

The story begins with a young girl's dream. She receives a message that the planet is in danger and if the heroes don't unite it will be destroyed. The girl, Candice, doesn't know what the dream means since she doesn't know who the heroes are, She tells her family and the people in her villagem but they tell her that it was just a dream. The only one who believes her is her older brother, who decides they should ignore it (he's not the adventurous type). The next night, Candice has another dream which tells her to go west, Allie, her brother, sees her trance walking out of the house and going west (duh!). He follows her until they both are attacked by a group of robbers. They are saved by Stephen and Reggie, two brothers who fight off the baddies unequipped. Allie faints from shock (hey women aren't the only ones who do this) and Candice collapses as well.

When the siblings awaken they are both healthy and coherent. The brothers ask what they're doing alone and the story's explained to them. Stephen says that Candice is one of Blade's chosen, a prophetess, but Reggie replies that none of Blades priestesses have gotten visions lately (They don't know what really happened). Allie notices a tattoo on the brothers' arms and realize that they are the legendary Arris Brothers, two "heroes." Candice gets another dream and goes into another trance, and the Arris Brothers accompany Allie and Candy.

The next place they go to is Thomas's house. Thomas is a nice guy who helps out the people near his hometown. He was once a great warrior, whom for some mysterious reason (revealed later) returned to a civilian life. The party (Candice, Allie, Stephen, and Reggie) decides to take him along.

One night Thomas has a dream. A shadowy figure creepts upon him (he wears a cowl, so we can't see its face.) He fights the phantom in a mini-battle, which disappears. Next he is surrounded by a ring of smokeless fire. He hears the words, "The past is not your enemy. Refusing to accept your past will defeat you." Thomas knows what the dream means and tells the others they must go to Fire Mountain, a volcano which is a shrine of Fira's.

The party climbs the mountain, a perilous trip filled with adventure. Unbeknownst to them, and imp named Damion and two ogres are also on the mountain, looking for some treasure, which is an open hole, and Thoma tells the story of Alexandria.

[for the sake of readability, Alexandria's backstory is presented after the main plot]

The party travels back down the mountain and sees Damion and the two ogres. The imp has some treature it's taking to its "master." The heroes attempt to stop the theives, but suddenly, they are all (good guys and bad) surrounded by a firewall. The treasure's guardian, Flare, wants the loot back, which both parties deny having. One of the ogres clumsily drops it, and Flare prepares to destroy everyone there. Suddenly, Fira, the deity, appears and calls Flare off. She chases the villains off and tells the heroes that she has a present for them. The volcano erupts, but instead of laval coming out, a being shoots straight up It lands nexto th Fira and the three warriors are shocked at the identity. It was (you guessed it) Alex, reborn and purified.

Fira explained that because of Alex's sacrifice, she was allowed to be reincarnated as one of Fira's helpers. The only catch was that she had to return to the mountain once a year for a week to remain in the mortal realm. In exchange for her allegiance to Fira, Alex gained the power to spontaneously create and control fire, to an extent. Fira tolf Alext that she must return to her friends, and that her desitny is to be with them.

The six of them wandered the countryside, giving a hand here and there. They were joined by Mack, a slighty crazy man who wants revenge against James, a nobleman who once kidnapped Mack's wife (Elisa) and forced her to predict the future for him. They also encounter Patrick, a mercenary who works alone, but really has a good heart, and otherpeople such as Jackal (male) and Jaguar (female), High Society (James, Ben. Andrew, and Brian) which tried to destroy the party, and Evile and his cronies (imps, ogres, etc.) one of which included the gigantic Cyclops Uneye.

Candice's dreams finally led them to Plutonia, whether the monarchs George and Atalanta rule. They got to the castle and learn thrhough Anthony (the king's advisot) that two men, claiming to be Warriors of Blade stated an ultimatum -- Plutonia surrenders peacefully, or else they will take the land by force. Anthony laments that he wishes Nick was here. Allie asks who Nick was and they explained that Nick was the greatest of the warriors who one day went out on a journet and never returned. In Nick's memory, the party decides to defeat these two Warriors of Blade. Candice has another dream, in which a voice warns that "the betrayal" is imminent.

The heroes figure out where the base of operations is and go to the lair of the two Warriors of Blade and find Nick encased in a crystal. What they don't know is that is that some of their enemies were following them not only to evaluate this new threat, but also to give them a helping hand (doing things like taking out Blade Warriors that would sneak up on the party)^ after the heroes are seriously weakened. First Uneye tries to defeat Harry and Barry (the two Blade Warriors), but is knocked out by their attacks. The same thing happens to High Society; James is severely injured in the attack. Suddenly, the crystal containing Nick shatters, who says he is now free and his ebemies will pay. The liberation of the great warrior gives strength to the heroes and Harry and Barry have an expression of worry on their faces. Suddenly, Nick blasts Alexandria, Thomas, the Arris Brothers, and even his best friend Mack. They all fall unconscious. We now see that Nick was the leader of the Warriors of Blade all along and he used his "disappearance" as a trap. He then leaves the bodies of the heroes for dead, thinking that they would no longer have the will to survive.

Little did they know that Allie and Candy were there. They tried to get the warriors up to no avail. The two pleaded with the unconscious victims, who began to stir. First Thomas got up and noticed that everyone else was still out. He ran to check on Alex and tells her that she can't leave him again and admits his love for her. She overhears this, as she had started regaining consciousness and tells him to check on the others, Then Uneye arises and returns to his master, ashamed he was defeated by a human. High Society wakes up and quickly scurries out carrying their leader James. Finally, our heroes wake up stunned, but ready to battle. (Sequence -- Blade Warriors take over Plutonia)

They rush back to Plutonia and see that it has been changed into the headquarters for the Blade Warriors. The royal family has been kicked out and Elisa, Anthony, and the Kin's personal servants have been held prisoner. The people cheer Nick, Harry, snd Barry and prevent the heroes drom even enrtering the castle. So the party escorts the royal family to Thomas' hometown, Nits, Along the way the heroes argue. Mack becomes insane with revenge and wants to storm Plutonia Castle. The Arris Brothers remain a solid unit; the stable core. Alex and Thomas share their feelings and begin to kiss when Thomas backs away. He says that the two of them shouldn't get involved with each other. She is now dedicated to Fira and there are things about him she shouldn't know. She asks him what that meant, and he refuses to say. (There's also a comment on the fact that it seems a lot warmer, in the day, than it was the last time they traveled and the vegetation was barren as well.) He has another dream, a dream Candice also "sees." The hooded figure said he won't be trapped forever, and Thomas said that he'll stay there where he belongs, and both realize that Thomas must have a secret past that no one knows about, and it is eating away at his soul.

The group finally reaches Nits, to find that the once thriving town is dying. For some reason, crops were dying, as if the earth could no longer support them. It became even stranger as the dirt began to turn to dust and sand; the rich, black soil was gone. Strangely, Thoma is nearly cast out of the town as soon as he stepped foot in it. They said they knew he was the cause of the problems, as he had supposedly poured some liquid into the ground to curse the earth. he denied it, telling them that he was nowhere near the city and the townsfolk, though suspicious, believed him. That night, Alex heard a noise and woke up, noticing Thomas was talking to a Warrior of Blade, There was an exchange of money and the Warrior left. Alex couldn't believe it; Blade had gotten to Thomas.

However, someone else was following Alex, and another townsperson and another townsperson until the entire town has seen this act of betrayal. The next morning, the citizens, Alec, Mack, and the Arris Brothers were ready to hang Thomas, who still claimed her was innocent. Only the children of the village and the young siblings, Candy and Allie, believed him. He pleads with the Arris Bros., Mack, and lastly Alexndria (he uses her full name) to believe him. Mack and the Arris Bros. turn their backs on him and Alex can only hold her head down when he tells her that he was innocent. He then exiles himself, despite heavy protests by Allie and Candice, and this last words are "You don't realize what you've done."

They soon find out that the "Thomas" that supposedly cursed the soil was actually a shapeshifer. (He didn't curse the soil; the liquid he poured was wine. They just took advatage of a situation -- the world beccoming off balance.) The heroes are sorry and hope that Thomas returns, but they feel he will not. They spit up because they can't decide what to do. Alex will fight the expansion of the Warriors of Blade and wait for the return of her loved one. The Arris Brothers take Candice and Allie home, trying to find out what is happening. Mack decides to attack the Warriors of Blade in his own way.

Warriors of Blade continue to grow stronger, and add Uneye to their ranks. The spy, who gave information on how to attack Plutonia is revealed to be Anthony, and Elisa has a hopeless look on her face.

The sun sets on this sad day, and Alex wonders if everything will be all right at the end.

Meanwhile, in a faraway cavern, a creature awakens, hungry for blood and revenge

The plot -- Part II

This opens up Alex in the Plutonian alleys, gathering a band of resistance fighters, six months later. They perform sneak attacks and strike out. (Two of them, Shrew and Weasel, were once servants, then prisoners who escaped and use their talents for destroying the Warriors of Blade piece by piece.) It is rumored that Mack has crossed over, but nothing is sure. James is dying and looking for a replacement, which he finds in the young, idealistic Apollo who tries to prove himself to the rest of High Society. It looks as though there might be another ally, Patrick, who will help for a price. But money isn't abundant here. They are simple rebel forces.

The Arris Brothers and the siblings have begun to piece together what has been going on. Candice goes into another trance, leading them to Terra, the earth goddess. She's trappen in a crystal which seems unbreakable. After defeating a boss, Allie and Candy destory it with the power of their hearts.

Terra explains what has happened in the realm of the goddesses (see separate sheet) She tells them that they must free the other goddesses and until then, she'll restore the earth (dirt) to its former state. When they've done so, the four can unite and attempt to convince the other goddesses of their foolishness and hope to overcome Blade.

Back at a tavern in Plutonia, Patrick, the mercenary/bounty hunter is confronted by Harry and Barry, two of his former friends. They try to convince him to join the Warriors of Blade. He first says that he'll think about it, but the deal soon turns into an ultimatum: work for them or face the consequences. He chooses the second and is severly beaten up by a mob of Blade Warriors. They chase him out of Plutonia and he has nowhere to go. He struggles aimlessly in thewilderness, barely able to stay alive. He collapses in the woods, not knowing that an ally is nearby. When he wakes up, he is being cared for by Lee, his wife, whom he deserted long ago. She foroves him and restores him to health, telling him that he'll get even with his enemies.

The other heroes have freed the goddesses and after liberating Aira they are captured by a person in a flying machine. He takes them to the amazing city of Volt. It glows at night with strange lights. The people of Volt aren't associated with the Warriors of Blade, they claim, but prosper because they worship all of the goddesses, especially Sparka. The priests contact the goddess, who says that they should be sacrificed. The party is nearly executed, but Sparka causes the city to shut down, after being convinced by both the mortals and the goddesses that killing solves nothing and a feared goddess will never be truly worshipped. She joins the rest of the goddesses and decides to help them.

Simultaneously in Plutonia, Blade Warriors are being killed by someone. Alexandria believes it is Patrick, who appears and gives her no indication whatsoever. He doesn't join the rebel forces, but does aid them a lot. She still worries about Thomas; she doesn't want to believe he could be dead but beginsto doubt that he's alive. After a fellow rebel notices that she hasn'rt slept in days, she decides to go to sleep. She has a strange dream; she is in an area surrounded by a mist. There is a figure in front of her. She runs to him and see that it is Thomas, but something is different about him. His hair, once auburn is now raven black, and his face is ghostly white. He wears dark clothing (like a Goth) and has a sadness in his face. She is so happy to see him, but he only tells her to meet him in an abandoned mansion.

She arrives and sees nothing. He appears suddently as if out of thin air. She tries to embrace him, but he pushes her away. He hands her a wooden stake and tells her to kill him. She doesn't understand, then he brings out the still warm body of a Warrior of Blade. She sees two fang marks on his neck and realizes that Thomas is not only the assassin the rebels were looking for, but a vampire as well. He tells her that is she didn't destory him, he would do the same to her. She calls his bluff, daring him to attack. He tries, but something stops him, prevents him from hurting her. He first thinks it was Fira's protection and tries again, but he can't bring himself to destroy her, as she believed. She explained she couldn't kill him, even if he asked her to. She then asks him to explain what has happened to him and her explains, saying that he was like this all along.

[For readability's sake, I put Thomas' backstory below instead of in the body of the summary as was in the original paper.]

He says that since he is a creature of the night, he is not better than the Blade Warriors. He tells her he can't go on like this, but she refuses to end his pain and he leaves. Still she hopes that he will make the right decision. Meanwhile, Thomas is spying on the Blade Warrior leaders, assessing their stregths and weaknesses. He also notices how Uneye is treated (rather poorly) and sees Mack as a Blade Warrior. He confronts him, ready to kill him until Mack explains what is going on. Mack has infiltrated the Warriors of Blade so he can free his wife, Elisa. Before he can rescue her, however, he must earn the trust of Nick. Also, Patrick arrives at the scene, ready to annihilate Mack. The two fight before Thomas makes them realize that they should fight together and not against each other.

Other subplots -- High Society joins the resistance, but the leader, James dies, but not before naming Apollo as his successor. Evile's power has weakened as Blade pours her power into the Warriors of Blade rather than distributing it evenly. Elisa pleads with Blade, who actually softens for a moment, but hardens her heart again. Anthony is enjoying this power, saying that "King Anthony" has a nice ring to it (it sounds nice).

Finally, with all of the goddesses eventually convinced, the liberation party heads for Plutonia with some help from the gods in getting there. Alex is implementing the siege on Plutonia Castle. Soon the heroes are reunited and the goddesses are combining their powers to defeat Blade. Mack reveals he's really on the side of the good guys to Warriors of Blade and Alexandria battle Uneye, who repents and fights for the heroes, and the last two loose ends, Patrick and Thomas, are finally tied up. Barry and Harry are defeated, and so is Nick. Elisa is finally rescued by Mack, and it looks as if the future is bright.

The rest of the RPG is described in the Myth Section. After the last battle, the warriors once again settle doew. Thomas and Alexandria get married, and have (human) children, High Society turns good, the siblings return home, and both Anthony and Nick are made to server Uneye (this could get humorous). The RPG ends.

Alexandria's backstory -- Alexandria was once a woman who worked for an imp (Damion). Though she was evil, she befriended Thomas and became close friends (not lovers). He taught her the ways of those who fought for good, but occasionally, she lapsed back into evil and couldn't break her ties with Damion. Circumstances led to a battle between Thomas and Damion for her soul on Fire Mountain. They told her that she had to choose a side. She was unsure, because she was too good to be evil and too evil to be good. No one except Thomas trusted her and befriended her, so she felt as though she were alone when he made her decide. (N.B. There are two versions of what happened, since I haven't decided yet.)

  1. Alex can't live being this way and jumps into the volcano, hoping that the gods will have pity on her soul.
  2. Damion prepares to fire a blast at Thomas, which will knock him into the volcano's center. He lets the energy blast go, but Alex jumps in front of it. The blast carries her into the center of the volcano, screaming in pain.

Thomas and Damion go their separate ways, both feeling responsible for what happened.

Thomas's backstory -- Thomas' mother was a simple farm girl, naive but hard working and kind to all she met. One night, she was looking at the stars when she noticed a man watching her. She approached him, and he said he had never seen such beauty before in his life. She was unaware of what danger she was in, as this strange man was really a vampire who wanted her blood. He was about to kill her when he heard a noise; it was the girl's sister calling. She went back to the house, but vowed she would return.

Each night, the vampire came back and each night, the girl left her house. At firs, hunger was the only reason for these visits but soon that changed from that of blood to companionship. He got to know her quite well, even if she did not know him at all. Finally, one night he told her what he was and she had to make a choice. She chose to go with him, and the two were later married in the presence of Blade, the night goddess.

The two travelled from city to city, town to town, living a nomadic life. They had a son, Thomas, and lived relatively happy lives. Joy didn't last forever, as one day, a mob of people found where they lived and killed both Thomas' father and mother (Thomas was only five when it happened). Thomas ran away from that town and finally arrived in Nits as an orphan. He learned that he could control his "dark side" and live as a normal human. He made a life for himself independent of his parents, but when the people he loved turned against him, he lost control over his vampire side and became as he is now, a threat to humanity.

Into the trash this goes, but at least it was good typing practice...and the word count thingy says this is about 3700 words.

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