Nangbaby (nangbaby) wrote,

You know...

Maybe it's good that I never developed any sort of steady following, even of one or two people.

I say this because I look at the sum of anything I've tinkered with and put on the Internet and and realized it's utter junk.   Had people encouraged me, then I may have been able to improve and grow, but still, it would be a reward based on junk.  Even if I had acknowledged what I did was junk, someone would point to it and say that it's great, and I'd be tempted to keep it as a reminder as how far I've come instead of throwing it away, since that's what you do with junk.

Yet ironically, despite time, research, experience, and honing one's craft (not that I've done much of that), there's only so much even someone can improve without input.  Not all fedback is good, but no feedback is crushing.  It's worse than insults.  You can feed off insults, adapt to them, but the great silence of nothing makes what you do nothing.  But if it's junk that's what it deserves, right?

On a side note, I did not know there was apparenty a gag based on exploding penguins.  I thought it was just a quirky gag made for Disgaea.

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