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So I play Mega Man X8...

A couple of weeks ago, I bought Mega Man X8. However, I didn't get the chance to play this game until tonight, and after playing it, I can only come to one conclusion.

There is something wrong with me.

You see, I actually started a game on normal mode, and while I was pleasantly surprised at how polished everything looks, the absolutely wonderful voice acting (these people actually sounded...natural...), and how smooth the controls are, I have the hardest time getting through the first third of the introduction stage.

I mean this was an intrduction stage, right? You know, you blast a few enemies, you get a feel for the characters and the control. You usually get a wide open environement so you can actually see your enemies and be able to identify what you're supposed to shoot (Aww...a cute floating Mechaniloid...BLAST IT!).

No, they throw you into a forest then give you a mini-boss battle damn near right off the bat.

And I die.

So then after a good three or four tries, I get past the mini-boss, then have to play as Axl who handles a lot better than he did in X7 (and looks and sounds less girly too).

Then I get into a room where I have to kill all the enemies to progress. I suppose this is the new Mega Man X staple. Soon I have to face another miniboss (really, the same Mechaniloid from earlier), and I'm told to use the double-team attack. So I press the button, since I see that the gauge is charged and everything is as the nice lady says...

And it doesn't work.

All of a sudden, my mind thinks back to the introduction of X7, when you're instructed to use your Copy Shot, only they don't tell you that you have to charge it up. It is not a pretty place for my mind to be.

So after dying and trying again and dying some more, I decide to swallow my pride and begin this game in Easy mode. I go through the entire introduction stage, and acutally am able to do everything without any problems. The Double Team attack acutally works both times I am supposed to use it. It went the way an introduction stage should go.

I think, "Well, maybe I just needed some practice." I then start another game on Normal mode and this time, I am able to beat the introduction stage. Although it's a little more difficult than in Easy mode, it hits me I just needed to go through a few practice runs. So then I select at stage.

Bamboo Pandamonium!

The first thing that hits me is that the stage music is really nice, and in the beginning, it goes pretty well. Jump into the ride armor...WOW...nice music here too. And for the first few minutes, this stage is fun.

Then comes that conveyor belt of spikes. I think that I can avoid it by jumping from the platform to the door.

Only I hit my head against the ceiling and fall onto the moving spikes below for a painful demise. Then the next time I make the jump, I'm in a room full of enemy Ride Armors that pummel me to death.

Okay, this stage isn't for me. So I tried stage, after stage, and guess what, in all the stages, I last at most a grand total of three minutes before dying. NEVER have I had this much trouble with a game, let alone a Mega Man X game. Three hours later with a sore thumb, I still have not come close to completing any stage, let alone facing the bosses. It seems like obstacles come from out of nowhere at times, or I can't find the ramp to jump the pit until I've already lost a life, or that giant Mechanaloid hits me with its beam as I try to climb the wall, or the controls are so messed up in The Fifth Element -- no wait, that's Gigabolt Man-of-War's stage -- that I crash into sign after sign. In no stage does this game "lead" you the way stages used to "lead" you, or give you a clue that something's coming up that you will need to prepare for.

I can only conclude then, that there must be something wrong with me, because I'm sure this game is not that hard, is it? I mean, given that I can tell this is a high quality game, then there must be something wrong with me that would explain why I can't even get past a few moving blocks that begin to sprout spikes.

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