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I miss Bushin

I think about Ishmael (those wonderful DS fics of his), EvilNeil, WillEVA, MavHunter and the others from the whole GPOW/Negative Edge scene and wonder how they're all doing now. On the other hand, I miss ennui, a man who has disappeared, and yet who I felt I seemed to know at the time.

But I really miss Bushin.

Derek Nathaniel, he's probably 30 by now...always disciplined, never once uttering a bad word my way. I still remember his Fortunecity page on Ryu in the Street Fighter II: the Movie, how the action in his fight with Fei Long was choreographed in a manner based on real-life martial arts, and how the movie made Ryu far more interesting than the way he plays in the games.

I still think of the time I almost met Bushin.

It was 2001 in Toronto, when Vince Carter signed that big contract. All the channels were asking if it were "the biggest deal in Toronto sports history." I didn't care. Instead I went to Playdium downtown in Toronto.

I didn't know Bushin was going to be in Toronto, and I didn't know he was going to go to Playdium. He didn't know I was going to be there. I went to Playdium on a Wednesday, not realizing that they were going to close it for some silly celebration.

Bushin went there the next day.

Had I only gone there on Thursday, things might have been different. I might have ran into him. It's possible we may have been ships passing in the night, but who knows, I might have seen his niece and nephew. I knew what he looked like then, and there's a chance I might have known it was him.

Maybe I wouldn't have lost touch with him.

That Playdium is now long gone, and he lives in Quebec the last time I checked. But I haven't heard from him in years, and every day, even if just for a second, I can't help but think where he is now and what he's doing.

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