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One of the biggest barriers for me in doing anything is that it takes so long for me to finish anything.

For instance, I was thinking about playing around with a few sprites and backgrounds to make a whole bunch of silly little comics that do not have an ounce of continuity with the fandoms they come from. So I decided to begin work on a panel. Unlike my other comic, I didn't have to gather, edit, or find any of the material to use prior to making it. These sprites were made by someone else, and I knew precisely where every element of this panel was on my computer prior to putting it together.

Guess how long this panel took.

comic panel

No, really. Take a wild guess. The answer is the reason why I'm not making any more panels, or any more comics, for a while. Just when I get the stupid idea to actually do something, the execution takes so long that it not only makes me stop work on this idea, but kills three or four other dreams in the wings.

On the bright side, after plugging away at Mega Man X8, I believe I may have been overly negative in my initial assessment of it. The stages are flawed and VERY unfair, and some of the secrets are next to impossible to unlock (but I did it), but repeat playthroughs of the game shows that it's not all bad. There aren't 10,000 fortresses to travel through to beat the game, and some of the secrets are quite fun. I'm just glad I got the Metal Discount in the Normal mode than trying do it in Hard Mode.

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