Nangbaby (nangbaby) wrote,

I want attention...

As the title says, I posted this because I wanted to show everyone another horrible sprite edit. This one's a modified animation made from Sailor Mars' sprites from the Sailor Moon Super S fighting game.

I cobbled this together because I'm tired of people using the Sailor Moon fighting game sprites in MUGEN and not even bothering to ever try to come up with new attacks. I mean, there are spriters who worked tirelessly to create Wonder Woman, Superman, and others with a wide array of attacks and such and yet people of below average ability can't even TRY to make new attacks for even mediocre sprites such as this. Come on! That's just plain lazy. At least rip off something like I did.

BTW. I wanted to use Burner Man's fire for the flame, but I just got lazy because I don't know how to palette-swap en masse easily. Of course, this means this attack is rather ineffective as shown.

Credit: I got the sprites that I edited from Lycentia's SM Graphics. I'm probably going to do more sprite edits, although none as extensive as this one.

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