Nangbaby (nangbaby) wrote,

The 24 Days of Final Fantasy III, Nang-style (Day One)

Yeah, I posted this on not one, but two boards, but I'm Friends-Only in this one so I can have three places to post this.

Remember last year? When I did tried my hand at this little challenge? Well, I'm trying it again. Maybe this time I'll succeed.

And so my quest begins to accomplish even the most mediocre of goals begins...yet again.

Day One

LOCATION: Figaro Castle

PARTY MEMBERS: Terra (Lv. 5 HP 94/94 MP 17/34)



GP: 5829

There's really not much to write for today. Since Saturdays are a horrendous day for me, I can only get 45 minutes of playing time in at maximum. As a result, I decided not to try and get too much done today.

So I started the game, and went through the whole storming of Narshe in Magitek armor. I didn't immediately change the settings, though, so as always I made quite a few errors during the first few minutes of the game. There were not big errors like getting my characters killed, but little things like healing the same character twice and other inefficiencies. I did decide to use the save point and actually let the instructions I knew by heart display on the screen. I also fiddled with some of the settings, and I initially changed the color to a Christmas green. I changed my mind after changing the color, though, and kept the normal background.

So after I saved and had a couple more random encounters, I faced the Whelk. I did mess up on the timing of the Whelk once again. I remember years ago when I could do this part in my sleep, and this time my fingers fumbled to epic proportions. Still, I was able to defeat it with no problem, then sped as fast as I could through the scenes to name Terra. After a few random encounters in those Narshe caverns, it's more story sequences, and Locke's introduction.

I went through the whole protect Terra sequence next, and this time I did two things differently. First, I stripped Mog of his equipment and gave the Mythril Shield to Locke. Second, instead of plugging up the paths that led to Terra with my three parties, I sent Locke's party down to face the Marshal' unit alone. That's supposed to be better than letting the enemy come to you, or so I thought.

Only that didn't quite work, as I not only still messed up and faced a couple of the mobile units with Locke, I also took on the boss and got creamed. In part, it was because I was greedy and I wanted that Mythril Knife (which I stole). But I stupidly got rid of the Lobos first, and the Marshal hit my party with Charge over and over again.

So then, after the other two groups dealt with the remaining troops, I then tried to see if my 1 HP Locke party could last long enough to manage even one steal. It didn't, so I used the Mog-less group of Moogles to kill the Marshal and proceed.

After that, it was out of Narshe and to Figaro Castle. I dilly-dallied in random encounters on the way. Then I saved and turned it off with 00:30 showing on the game clock (even though I had been playing for over 32 minutes).

Then I turned off the game.

Then I realized that since that even though I had played for over 30 minutes today, I couldn't remember if the game time actually began at one or zero, so I decided to play an extra minute or two to bump up my time for today. (Note, Rule #1 says that I have to play a half-hour each day, but that doesn't mean I can't take it in chunks before writing). So I went through the first part of the Figaro Castle story, meeting Edgar, talking to the Matron, then leaving the castle to save.

Don't worry, this won't be like last year. I will play somewhat more tomorrow.

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