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It snowed practically all day today. This snow did not sneak up on us, but it has effectively confined the family to the house for the time being. I personally am glad, because I don't want leave my house. It also means I won't go to church in a few hours and will instead spend Sunday morning sleeping.

On a brighter note, I was able to get my old computer to work again, and I was able to bring over some of my text files. I took a look through them and I found something stupid I wrote. Unlike a lot of my work, this one is clearly dated. It was supposed to be one of those continuing stories where I add a section and someone else adds a section. But no one picked this up, I just let it sit there after this text block.

"Oh no! I'll be late again!"

The shout was that of a young blonde in a school uniform consisting of a sailor-like blouse and a dark blue skirt. Two streams of golden hair trailed behind her as she ran with a piece of toast in her mouth, struggling to keep it from falling onto the ground while she screamed. For this young woman, this was an ordinary morning of what could be an ordinary day.

Little did this young woman know that she was being watched.

In a realm outside of what is considered the universe a pulsating white orb floated in front of a glassless, frameless window. The flat screen displayed the scene with the schoolgirl.

"Serena..." A soft female voice came from the sphere, which was soon joined by another flying white orb.

"She is amazing," the second sphere replied in a lower, more masculine voice. "Even as an ordinary girl there is something special about her." On the screen, the piece of toast fell out of Serena's mouth, and the surprise caused her to lose her balance.

"I wonder where that came from." From the tone of her voice, the "that" did not refer to the fall. "Certainly not from me."

"Hey! I didn't make her fall. I'm sure."

"As sure as you aren't--" Before she could finish her reply, the window before her flickered before disappearing in a flash. A smaller, bluish orb made its way to the two of them, delivering a short, simple message before flying in another direction.

"The Powers want you."

Swiftly, the two spheres flew through the area, passing by sphere after sphere but not stopping to greet any of them. They finally reached the designated area, and area that in this formless realm appeared like any other except only one other orb was present. This third sphere, a black orb, floated to the side, and instantly the white sphere separated from the orb beside her. His darkness matched her white radiance, the two complementing each other in every manner. The two drew near each other automatically, but as they were about to touch a harsh light from above shined upon the three orbs, immobilizing them temporarily.

"You have been spying on the Earthrealm quite often as of late," several voices said as one. The female orb's aura dimmed in response. "Your interest in a certain person living that place concerns us."

"Please forgive me--" she started to say.

"There is no forgiveness where is no crime." The female orb flashed in surprise. "We instead wish to give you a reward."


"Yes. A soul as kind as yourself should not have to be separated from the one you desire to be with for so long. Therefore, we have decided to send you there for seven Earth days so you may visit Serena in person."

The words, unbelievable as they were, provided only one reaction from the female orb. "I am eternally grateful."

"You will be accompanied to the Earthrealm by the two souls beside you." The aura of the white male sphere instantly brightened, but the black sphere moved in front of the two white spheres.

"I would eagerly accompany them," he said, "but I do not believe it is my place to--"

"Your place has always been, and always will be at her side." Those words quieted the protests, and in another flash of light, the three orbs were gone from the realm.


Darkness. She had once been in wonderful, glorious light but now she was alone in darkness. The emptiness frightened her, robbing her of any identity she had in any state of existence. It consumed her, threatening to eat at her until she eroded into the sea of nothingness.

Then she opened her eyes.

At once sensations assaulted her; the light that had been missing before hit her with a new force. All sorts of sounds, from the motors of cars to the voices of children playing in the distance, rang in her ears. Air dragged with it all the smells of the city in every breath she took, and the sun's rays penetrated her body, which lied flat on the concrete beneath her.

She pushed herself off the ground in order to sit up, and saw that her companions were only now beginning to stir. All three were dressed in shorts and summer shirts, although the top she wore was sleeveless. To her left was a man with long black hair, his sharp dark eyes only heightening his attractiveness. On the other side of her was a man with short, light hair and brown eyes. If there were a reflective surface around, she would have seen that her hair was bleached blond and shaped nicely with a nice haircut, while her eyes were a wisened blue. Not being able to see her own image, she focused on standing to her feet, and the brown-eyed man followed suit.

"These must be our new bodies," the woman said. She wondered if the Powers had created them, or if their souls had possessed the bodies of three humans. The issue for the moment was pushed aside from her thoughts as she noticed the dark-haired man having trouble getting to his feet.

"I weak..." he struggled to say. Instantly, the woman extended her hand, causing him to look up at her.

"Grab my hand," she offered.

"All I need to get up is to see your lovely face." All of a sudden, he was filled with a new energy and quickly stood up. To both the woman's surprise and delight, he grabbed her, held her close to him, and gave her a long, French kiss. Only after both were finished with the exchange did he break away, and though he did not release her, the woman's expression told the world that she did not mind at all.

"Aren't you moving a bit fast?" she asked teasingly.

"I have to. I'm going to make the most of this second chance..."

"I hate to interrupt," the man with the golden hair began, "but I would like to find Serena as quickly as possible."

The name caused the woman to tear herself away from her lover and regain her composure. "How could I be so easily distracted?" She turned toward the man who had just kissed her. "I hope you don't mind waiting."

"Of course not," the black-eyed man answered. "That young woman is our reason for being sent here."

The other man said, "But first we have to find out who 'we' are."

"Many of the humans I observed place cards of identification in their pockets," the woman suggested. The three placed their hands in the folds of their pants and shirts, pulling out keys and change in their search for something to tell them who they are. Finally, they were able to retrieve their wallets and soon after opening them, they pulled out laminated cards. "According to this card, my name is Sara Nade? What do yours say?"

The dark-haired man had pulled out a card similar to that of the woman. "Tommy Gunn."

"And yours?" the bleach-blonde asked the short-haired man, who squinted to read the name on the card.

"Lou Pine," he read. "The Powers have a unique sense of humor."

"At least they placed us in the same city as Serena. Now all we have to do is find her."

"And how are we going to do that? It's not as though we're going to bump into her."

Suddenly, he was knocked to the ground by a youth running as fast as she could. The collision also knocked her down, and after he recovered from the shock he saw that the teenager that had run into him was none other than the same one he had seen before through the window.

"I'm sorry," Serena apologized. She noticed the man she had bumped into simply stared at her. "Is everything okay?"

"Serena..." he said, the shock of seeing this young lady after so long of only being able to watch her from afar overwhelming him.

"How do you know my name?" the teenager asked.

"Yes, I'm y--"

"A bit confused," the woman finished for him. "He's Lou. Lou Pine." She gave the man a stern look of warning.

"Okay. Nice to meet you Mr. Pine."

"Call me Lou," he insisted while he got up. "Everyone does."

Serena switched her attention to the couple as she stood up. "And you two are?"

The woman stepped forward to introduce herself. "I'm Sara..." She gestured to indicate the man beside her. "...and this is Tommy."

"Hi." Serena bowed before the couple, who in turn bowed before her. "Well, I'd like to stay and chat, but I've gotta jet. Raye is going to kill me."

"Jet?" Tommy asked, causing Serena to look at him as though he were from another planet.

"You know. Jet. Book it." The blank expression on the faces of the three showed that they had no idea of what she was talking about. "You guys aren't from around here, are you?"

"No," Sara answered. "We're...tourists."

"Well, I guess I could show you around on the way to the temple." She walked past the group then spun around, making sure the three were behind her. "All right. Let's go." Serena started to walk toward the temple with the three strangers in tow, not knowing that this not-so ordinary day was about to get even stranger.


Serena led Sara, Tommy, and Lou through a tour of Juuban District and all three strangers paid extraordinary attention to the small sensory details in the neighborhood. The scent of a freshly baked pie put on a windowsill tickled their noses, while the creak of a rusted gate enticed the trio immensely. Despite being overwhelmed by the magnitude of the physical world, the three remained close as to not to lose themselves in. Especially tight was the bond between Sara and Tommy, with the two walking hand in hand and focusing on the sights Serena showed them.

"Now we come to the shopping center of Juuban," Serena cheerfully announced. "It's full of places where you can buy stuff and eat. And down the street is the arcade." She turned to face the three. "Let's stop in there for a second."

The trio sighed in disbelief at the girl's forgetfulness. It was different to watch Serena's antics from another plane than to experience it in the flesh.

"Didn't you say you had to meet your friend?" Sara asked.

Serena giggled at her own foolishness. "Right. Thanks for me reminding me." Serena returned to her original route, with the trio lying back considerably.

"So sweet," Lou commented, "and yet so absent-minded."

"That's Serena for you," Sara replied. She returned her attention to Tommy. "How are you holding up?"

"I'm okay now," Tommy answered. "It's just these human bodies are so weak and slow. I have to get used to it."

"You have a strong spirit and sooner or later that strength will translate to your body," Sara advised. "And even if you stay as weak as a kitten, you'll be my kitten..." She leaned her head against his shoulder without relying on him for support, allowing the two to be close without either being a strain on the other.

Serena's shout dampened the romantic mood. "Wow! I haven't seen this before."

The trio also soon spotted the sight. On the edge of the sidewalk was a white newsstand. Behind the stand stood a short woman with her long, brown hair pulled into a ponytail. Her white short-sleeved blouse added to her conservative persona, and if the stand had not been in the way her long, black skirt would complete the image. Atop the stand a red circle and a diagonal slash of the same color stood out against the background, raising the curiosity of Serena. She ran over to the stand, so Lou, Sara, and Tommy had no choice but to follow.

"Good afternoon Juuban District residents," the woman said as the four. "My name is Ivory, and it is a pleasure to meet you." She placed her arm out, and Serena tentatively met it with her own. Ivory clasped the young lady's hand with hers. "Would you like to hear about our group, Right to Censor?"

"I guess it wouldn't hurt," Serena responded. Ivory immediately let go of Serena's hand.

"As you know there are a lot of things in this world that people have taken as ideals that are simply unacceptable. Right to Censor is here to clean up this world to rid it of all those wicked influence. We're here to teach women how to be real ladies and not to flaunt their sexuality. As long as women continue to buy into the current notion that 'sexy' is good, no woman will be looked at as anything more than a piece of meat..." As she spoke she could not help but notice the actions of Sara and Tommy. The publicly affectionate couple, not listening to her words smiled and laughed at each other with the energy of two teenagers in love. The pair placed their lips together, moaning and moving as though they were a unit. The two, the ideal couple, showed the world how pleasing passion could be to the senses to both the participants and the observers.

It sickened Ivory.

"Excuse me," Ivory blurted out. "Could you two please make out in a less public setting?"

Sara and Tommy blushed simultaneously. "I suppose we did get a little out of hand," Sara said sheepishly.

"So what do you think, young lady?" Ivory asked Serena, leaning into her face. "Would you like to help us?"

"I don't think this organization is right for me," the teenager replied nervously. "But thank you for your time." In a blur, Serena, Tommy, Sara, and Lou ran away, trying to put as much distance between themselves and Ivory. The diminutive woman, though, seethed with an anger much greater than her frame could healthily contain.

No one ever says no to Right To Censor, she thought, staring at the group.


Large trees, crows, and a small lake made up the natural landscape surrounding the Cherry Hill Temple. Their combined effect allowed the scene to emit an aura of peace, even though the remainder of the district could easily be seen from the temple stairs. A raven-haired girl furiously whisked a broom back and forth on the wooden porch, banishing the accumulated dirt from this sanctuary. Sensing someone approach, she stopped and looked up to find Serena arriving at the temple. Behind Serena were two men and a woman she was certain she had never seen before. A strange feeling overcame the girl, and she instantly recognized it as her sixth sense. However, never before had it been this powerful, disrupting her thought process almost completely. She tried to listen to what Serena and her companions were saying, but her concentration was scattered, thrown into chaos by her senses.

"Guys, this is my best friend, Raye." Sara, Tommy, and Lou all customarily bowed, but Raye dropped her broom and approached them as if in a trace. She stared at all three for a few seconds, but this did not escape Serena's notice. "Raye, are you okay?"

Raye shook off her daze and returned the bow. "Oh, I'm sorry. It's a pleasure to meet you..."

"No, the pleasure is ours." The three nodded in unison. Raye tapped Serena and beckoned her to come closer.

"Serena," Raye whispered. "I think I could use your help to set up for the fire reading."

"Fire reading?" Serena inquired, oblivious to the meaning behind Raye's suggestion. "There isn't a new enemy, is there?"

"Just get in here!" Raye pushed Serena into the building and closed the wooden door behind her, not knowing Serena was about to explode.

"Gee, Raye. Couldn't you be any more obvious!" Serena yelled.

"I sensed something about them," Raye stated, "all three of them."

"Oh." Serena narrowed her eyes in indignation. "Next you're going to say they're from the Negaverse. Real funny!"

The flames of anger had been sufficiently stoked. "Excuse me! I'm not the one who brought three complete strangers into the temple."

Serena countered with an equal resistance. "Maybe if you weren't so stuck up and actually left the temple every once in a while, you'd make some new friends!"

"And maybe if you got here on time you wouldn't miss the meetings we have set up!"

"I don't have to be talked to this way. I'll just hang out with my new friends." Serena spun around to leave the room, but Raye grabbed her arm loosely, causing her to stop.

"Listen to me," she cautioned, losing all of the anger that was there before. "I don't sense anything evil about them, but I can tell they're hiding something. Just be careful okay?" Serena turned to face, and the two stared at each other. Raye had the worried look of someone concerned for a best friend's safety, while Serena had the assurance that the hearts of those she only just met were as pure as gold. In the look they were able to communicate to each other what their mouths and ears had failed to do and stood as still as statues in their moment of mutual recognition.

Sara's voice interrupted the exchange. "Serena, is everything all right?"

Serena opened the wooden portal and called out, "Sure! Raye and I just were discussing girl stuff."

"We'd love to stay, but we know you have a busy day. Thank you for showing us the neighborhood."

"Sure!" Serena waved her arm to the three. "Bye!" The trio said their farewells to the blonde and left the temple, to Raye's relief, but Serena hoped she would be able to see them again soon.


White walls, a white tile floor, and a white tile ceiling were the distinguishing features of a room in a modest, three-story building indistinguishable from the edifices surrounding it. No seats could be found in this room, for stoicism was a virtue among the people inside it. Four men stood still, all wearing short-sleeved white shirts and black ties. The first man, wearing black pants and shoes had an odd haircut and his stocky build earned him the name of Bull Buchanan. He stood like a dog, devoted and loyal to the ideals he followed, but able to see little else. Next to him stood a man similarly dressed, but the tattoos on his darkened skin, his braided hair, and his glasses clearly set him apart. This was the good Father, a man who formerly associated with numerous ladies, but turned away from them to pursue this current path. The only man wearing white pants and shoes his hair closely cut, his face showing more than a blind obedience to his cause. This man was Val Venis, a man who like the Good Father, gave up his hedonistic ways for this movement.

In the front of the room was the mastermind himself, Steven Richards, clad in the same uniform as Bull Buchanan and the Good Father. With short dark hair and a determined gaze, he watched the three men under his wing with pride. He was their leader, the one who had showed them the light. They would all obey him without question, letting his thoughts dictate their own. While it felt good to wield such power, Richards reminded himself that this power was for a cause greater than himself, and that reminder kept him in check.

Without warning the door swung open, and Ivory briskly entered the room, her legs powered with a burning ire. Upon reaching the midpoint between her fellow group members and Richards, she stopped and turned to her leader.

"Miss Ivory," Steven Richards greeted, "our esteemed WWF Women's Champion and paragon of feminine virtue, how did the recruiting process go?"

"As usual, our message is ignored!" she cried. "Now the adults are leading the youth astray, women with no morals teaching youngsters how to behave like rabbits, hopping from one bed to the next. And men acting like monkeys, not knowing anything but the primal urge to mate."

Richards stepped closer to Ivory. "Is there a particular sinner you refer to?"

"The hidden camera did capture an image of this slut." Ivory pulled a photograph out of her purse and handed it to Richards. "I was convincing a young woman to act on her conscience, when this hussy started to make out with her boyfriend. Her actions had a direct impact on my failure, because until that moment I had the young lady ready to see the light." She lowered her head. "I'm sorry I failed you."

"Miss Ivory, do not apologize because those you preach to refuse to hear your words. You tried your best."

"Thank you Mr. Richards." Ivory walked away and took her place among her fellow Right To Censor members, allowing Richards to begin his speech for the day.

"As Miss Ivory's experience has taught us, it is not our message but our method that has hindered our success." He gestured toward a green blackboard supported by two wooden poles. On the board, three or four stick people were drawn in chalk, placed haphazardly across the board. "We have been using the New World Order model in the WWF, where we work on specific wrestlers and convince their consciences to rise up against wickedness and join our cause. But in the outside world, this model cannot work, for working on a person by person basis will take too long where by the day, millions are taught that gratuitous violence and sensuality are the standards by which this world is set." Richards flipped the chalkboard over, and on the other side a horizontal tree of stick people dominated the green surface. The leaves were the stick people themselves, each connected by branches represented by lines. "We must use a new model in our fight in the outside world, a model both efficient and swift. If the people will not submit themselves to the higher laws of decency and morality, then we shall force them to submit, for they do not know what is good for them. " Steven Richards reached into his shirt pocket and pulled out a thin piece of white cardboard with a red circle and slash on it. He tossed it to The Good Father, who snatched it out of the air enthusiastically.

"What is this?" the Good Father asked, flipping the piece cardboard to examine it.

"That, Mr. Good Father," Richards explained, "is a Censor. It is used to summon a creature called a Morality Enforcer, a personification of our ideals. This creature will then attack anyone who is found to be morally unsound, sexually immoral, or given to inappropriate conduct. When the person is disciplined in an acceptable manner, the Morality Enforcer will then enter the body of the sinner, and convert him or her to our cause. This new member of Right To Censor will then attack more depraved people, with the Morality Enforcer extending its mind into those bodies when they are properly disciplined, and so forth." He looked out into the audience, only to meet uncertain looks. "And questions?"

Val Venis raised his hand and gave voice to his inquiry. "How will these children of the flesh be disciplined?"

"They shall undergo a punishment sufficient to fit their crimes. And we all know what the wages of sin are." Venis, Ivory, and the Good Father nodded in agreement, but Bull Buchanan appeared to be confused.

"Mr. Richards," Bull Buchanan asked. "I might not be too bright, but if the Enforcer takes over one body, how can it take over another body and still have control of the first one?"

"Through the power of Morality." Richards's vague answer sent relief through the bodies of his four subordinates. "As long as someone keeps up the fight for the greater good, virtue will triumph." He turned to the Good Father. "I send you, Mr. Good Father to make an example of this wicked woman." He lifted the photograph of Sara for effect. "Her actions must not be tolerated."

The Good Father walked out of the building with his assignment, entering a white van that was parked outside. He placed the key in the ignition, locked the doors, then put on his seatbelt. Turning the key to start the car, the headlights instantly came on, and the van sped away in search of Sara Nade.


Humidity plagued the summer night air, but fortunately, Sara, Tommy and Lou did not have to be outside. The three found a hotel and paid for a luxurious room. Two king-sized beds were the main feature of the room, but the beautiful furniture and exquisite accessories enhances the quality of their stay. All of the lavish features of the hotel were available to them, for the Powers did not neglect to provide them with sufficient funds to satisfy their appetites.

Lou had decided to go out and indulge in some of the local scenery that Serena had showed them earlier. That left Tommy and Sara alone in the hotel room, and Sara intended to make the best of it. Tommy, though, seemed uncomfortable in the situation, not putting his full energy into reciprocating Sara's gestures. Suddenly, Tommy pulled away from her, taking several steps to ensure a safe distance between the two.

"What's the matter?" Sara asked. "Before you ready to ravish me."

"I'm sorry," he said, apologizing for his exuberance earlier in the day. "I was just overwhelmed at the thrill of"

"What about the thrill of being alone with me?"

"Maybe...I'm worried something might go wrong." The two lowered their eyes, the unmentionable curtain falling upon them both. Sara, though, refused to let the shadow to ruin the mood.

"All the more reason to finish what we started." She walked over to him and placed her hand on his shoulder. "That's what you want, isn't it?"

He brought his eyes to meet hers and answered, "Yes, but..."

"You're not ready?"

"Of course I am." A short breath of air escaped his nostrils. "I'm just a bit nervous." He lifted her hand and cradled it with his. "What if I mess up?"

"That's why we have a week." She rubbed his shoulders ever so gently, causing him to let down his guard. "Because practice..." She kissed him on the lips, before pulling away. "...makes perfect." She pressed her lips to his again, further loosening him up. Soon their hands were all over each other in a thriving, sensual embrace, a perfect unison of body and soul. Despite the writhing nature of the couple's arms, the lovemaking proceeded at a slow place with the two slowly descending onto the bed. Before the act could go far enough to require the removing of apparel, an authoritative knock on the door resonated through the room. While both were reluctant to separate from each other, they pushed away from each other. Tommy got up to answer the door, with Sara following just a few feet behind him. When he opened the door, he found the Good Father in full Right to Censor regalia standing there, with his hand clasped in front of him and a smile on his face.

"Good evening, sir," he began as though greeting an old friend. "Are you two married?"

"Who the hell are you?" Tommy questioned angrily.

The Good Father was not affected by the furious looks from the couple. "Just answer the question."

"That's none of your business," Sara replied, her voice even full of force than Tommy's.

"I guess that means no." The Good Father shrugged his shoulders, reached into his pocket, and withdrew the Censor. After holding it in front of him for a second he threw it at Sara who was too surprised by his action to move out of the way.

"Watch out!" Tommy knocked Sara out of the way, both humans coming crashing down to the carpeted floor. Sara quickly turned her eyes to Tommy, who grimaced in pain as he lied to the side of her.

"Are you okay?" she asked Tommy.

"Yeah," he muttered, lifting his head. "Another are where humans aren't very good at...resiliency." He and Sara turned around to look at the Good Father, but the pair found themselves distracted by the object he had thrown. "What?"

The sight before the eyes of the couple astonished even them. Instead of falling to the ground, the Censor stopped and whirled around in mid air, rotating at an exponentially increasing rate. Accompanied by the revolutions was a light that grew brighter, and a high pitched sound that grew louder in the same fashion. Just when the eyes and ears of the couple could bear the sensory overload no longer, the sound began a fade into silence, and the light lessened enough to reveal a spinning figure.

"Whooooooooo!" the figure said, as it slowed down. When it came to a complete stop, both Sara and Tommy could see that while it had the general frame of a human being, it was clearly not human. The creature was metallic silver in color, from its eyes to its skin and its hair. More importantly, it appeared to be wearing nothing but a skimpy outfit made of scissors and sharp blades. "I'm Slice N' Dice, and I'm here to enforce some morality. From the looks of it, this place needs some."

"Slice N' Dice," the Good Father called, pointing at Sara. "Take care of that wench."

"Why certainly!" Slice N' Dice turned to Sara and grinned cockily as her hands dissolved, reforming into pairs of shears. "It looks like there's going to be plenty of cutting to do around here." She laughed wildly while the Good Father closed the door, and the Enforcer hoped to have a little fun in the censoring process.

This was supposed to obviously lead into Sailor Moon coming in and saving the day, but after that, for perhaps the ONLY piece of anything I wrote, I really had no idea how to develop and/or resolve this. While the three guardian angels had parallels to certain characters, I wanted them to be just that parallels, not necessarily the characters themselves. Ironically, I made more progress on a throwaway piece than I have on my proper fanfic.
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