Nangbaby (nangbaby) wrote,

The 24 Days of Final Fantasy III, Nang-style (Day Three)

Day Three

LOCATION: Outside Imperial Camp

PARTY MEMBERS:  Sabin (Lv 12. 227/289), Shadow (Lv. 11 HP 252/252)



GP: 1158

I think I've actually forgotten how to play this game.  I wasn't this bad last year, and that was when it took me three times to beat the Phantom Train.

Anyway, this session began rather ordinarily enough with me going through the whole "meet Banon" scenario.  Well, I bought a third pair of Sprint Shoes because I didn't feel like swapping Relics.  I talked to the guys to help make my decision, raided all the treasure chests and hidden treasure points that I could (including getting that sweet White Cape)  Since I wanted the Genji Glove instead of the Gauntlet,  I initially refused Banon's request.  I talked to the appropriate soldier, who gave me the Glove, and then gratefully became the "light of hope" for the Returners.

Then I thought I didn't need to save, since I'd been through this section dozens of times before.  I put Banon in the back row, then jumped on the raft...and went rafting.  Which was fun.  I went the route that delivered me to the save points, but I thought that only once before I was unlucky enough to die on the raft.  It won't happen again, right?

So I fought Ultros.  It was going well.  Banon healed non-stop, Sabin Blitzed non-stop, Edgar used his AutoCrossbow non-stop, and Terra was casting Fire...until Ultros hit the party, and then hit Banon RIGHT after that.

Game over!

Because I didn't want the "benefit" of any experience I gained, I reset and did this part over again.  So now it's as though the past 15 minutes didn't happen and I have to play again.   So I went through everything as I did before.  This time I did something really dumb, though, and equipped the Genji Glove on Edgar.  Needless to say Ultros was defeated, and it was time to pick a scenario.

Of course, I was thinking that I wanted to do the scenarios in a different order than I usually do them, which means I didn't think at all.  I thought I'd start with Locke's scenario first, since while it wasn't the longest, it was the most difficult.  Oh, and indeed it was, since I had forgotten that I usually choose this scenario either last or second for an important get some better equipment.

Ah, but I wouldn't be able to write about the trials of Locke.  I stole the merchant's clothes, then promptly got the cider, said the password, rescued Celes.  Then silly me, I went to the Save Point, saved, then decided that Celes needed some equipment, so I went to the quit screen and hit Optimum, only to find out I didn't have any armor for her, and Locke's armor was the Kung Fu Suit.

It gets worse, but not before it gets better.  Fortunately, while the random encounters I came across were a little rough for these poor Lv. 10 characters, I was able to snag a few treasures in the basement, including a Regal Cutlass and the Iron Armor!  Then I head out of the basement as fast as I could, left South Figaro, then saved.

My party was low on HP and MP then, so I took a trip to Sabin's house and rested, then went on my merry way to the Figaro Cave.  I ignored the treasures, even though I know one contained a Thunder Rod.  I've beaten TunnlArmr so many times, I thought it would be a piece of cake this time.

So I fought TunnlArmr, and messed up big time at the beginning of the battle.  After successfully stealing and Runicing once, Locke got hit with a physical attack.  It didn't do that much damage, but I thought I had enough time to cure him at maximum HP, then Runic again, so that when he got hit again, I could ignore it and just keep Runicing.  And I was close too...but just a second before Celes could actually Runic, he cast Fire...solely on Locke, which killed him.

Now I've gambled in the past and beaten TunnlArmr after Locke died by simply Runicing until he stopped casting and hoping my window of attack was long enough to do damage.  But I wanted Locke alive for some reason, so I thought in my finite wisdom, that I could beat this boss by reviving Locke, then Runicing.  I still don't know what I was thinking.  Maybe I was mad I got an Air Lancet and wanted to die.  In any case, it was a slow and painful death.   This was the second Game Over!  Once more, it was reset time, and another few minutes that I played that didn't officially exist.

I decided to go through this section again.  This time it went more smoothly, although I still got an Air Lancet, but I still had to pick a scenario, and so I decided to pick Sabin's scenario.  I talked to Shadow and recruited him,.  I put the ninja in the back row, bought 99 Shurikens, and went to the camp.  Actually I went the wrong way for a little while, but not nearly as far as last year when I actually got lost.  But before triggering this sequence I quit for today, because I realized I needed to actually write an entry and turn it in before making up for lost time.


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