Nangbaby (nangbaby) wrote,

Nang Sees a Celebrity!

I saw Roy Jones, Jr. on Saturday!  Yes, the boxing legend Roy Jones Jr. in person, in Pittsburgh!

The story:  On Saturdays I go to a hair salon that is noted for having Pittsburgh Steelers come in on occasion to no fanfare.  This week the entire staff was talking about "him" coming.  They didn't mention him by name, but given that  "boxing" was mentioned and the activity level was high, I knew it had to be someone big.

Then I saw him walk through the door.  He was flanked by two men far larger than him, while he wore a gray hodding suit with a hood.  Despite this he wasn't very conscpicuous (indeed, if it weren't for the large men around him, he would have attracted no attention at all.) and I saw him, as did nearly everyone else.  He went to the back, where the barber's chair was.  I then saw him and his two companions leave the salon about a half-hour later.

That in itself would be news, as this was my first random celebrity encounter.  But here's the funny part.  My dad, didn't just see him; he talked to him for a few minutes.  It was just normal conversation, not "Wow I am your biggest fan" type stuff.  My dad, the barber, Jones and his crew just talked, although Roy Jones allegedly took a picture of the barber cutting his hair (not the other way around).  My dad and the barber noted that Roy Jones was fairly low-key and gracious, and all those rumors about him being arrogant and such seemed to be untrue.

No, we don't have any pictures or autographs.  But it was Roy Jones Jr. in the flesh, and my dad talked to him.  Then again, my dad has talked to Antoine Fuqua in the past as well, so he's always meeting celebrities by chance.

On the other hand on Saturday, I went to a party where there was a raffle for a free trip to Las Vegas.  All the people there were given a certain number of tickets, but one could easily purchase more.  I had enough money on me to stuff the raffle considerably but I estimated I had maybe a 30% chance at winning if I did that, so I just put in my given amount of tickets and held onto my cash.  Not worth a 70% chance of losing, right?

Then there was a second drawing out of the same pool.  Of course I lost, but I didn't know there'd be a second drawing.  Needless to say I was upset.  I would have stuffed box in that case, given that 70% of 70% is 49%.

But then again, I got to see Roy Jones, Jr. in person without having to pay an arena for the pleasure.  That was priceless.

Oh yeah, please, please don't tell anyone like the media, because he's "hiding out" until his fight with Trinidad and I don't want to ruin his chances of winning.

Edit:  He's not hiding out as much any more, since he appeared in the Pittsburgh area for a public function just a few days ago.  Still, I'm not putting this out there for anyone to see, just in case.

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