Nangbaby (nangbaby) wrote,

And another year ends...

Tonight is the last day of the year, and once again, nothing has changed for the better. Whether or not I make resolutions for the next year, everything seems to get worse and worse. I'm even more broke than I was in years past, despite working more hours (including days people usually get off).

So I've decided to to entertain myself by looking at a few of the very bare bones sprite edits I did over this year, just to show that believe it or not, I've actually gotten worse!

Storm Eagle

This is a recolor of the charged Metal Anchor, where you summon a screen full of diving Storm Eagle clones. It's not a good recolor, but it's a start.

I also tried to make Sailor Uranus do the iconic Storm Eagle pose (NOTE: I did NOT make the sprite in the link, but I wanted to share it anyway), but this is how it turned out...

Sailor Uranus

Not so hot...

And my crowning jewel of awfulness (and my current avatar at CMF), this is a stupid scene that has been in my mind for ages. The recolor here is even worse than my previous one, but I think that the idea is kind of funny, at least.

Sailor Venus and Sting Chameleon

There are of course a few more gems in my userpics list, but overall this year has been even less productive than the last. In fact, I have to wonder if it's possible that my expectations for failure can ever be big enough.

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