Nangbaby (nangbaby) wrote,

A useless note to myself...

Sometimes when putting multiple sound files into ArcSoft Showbiz DVD, such as a musical track and sound effects or vocal clips, I have difficulties. One of the biggest drawbacks is that while the audio sounds completely fine when playing it in the program, once it has been exported, it's distorted.

However, if configure my sound card to record directly from the wav output of the unprocessed file, then place the recorded wav into the program, the audio, when processed, sounds fine.

Still, there is a unique barrier that this cannot overcome. Every time I upload any vocal clip of myself to YouTube, I experience an additional distortion that cannot be explained. It doesn't matter if I paste my voice to an existing wave file or use it by itself. My voice for some odd reason just comes across as a whisper for the first few seconds, which renders any insipid audio commentary from me mute, sparing the ears of any potential listeners before the movies play.

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