Nangbaby (nangbaby) wrote,

Why do they lie?

Why do people repeat that horrendous, trite saying that every journey begins with a single step?

I mean, the journey doesn't begin with a step. That's ludicrous. A journey is the act of moving forward. A single step, heck, even a string of steps doesn't mean anything when you're out in the desert and your goal is the Arctic Ocean.

It just bothers me because for the past ten or eleven years of my entire life, I can make that first step, and I feel proud of myself for doing it. but then after a few steps, I can't take it any more. I don't just get tired mentally -- after that happens, I take a break after which I can become refreshed. I can decide to continue or quit, sometimes choosing the latter, other times choosing the former. But after I choose to continue, then I try again, I can actually feel something grabbing at the back of my head, keeping me tethered while everyone else is able to progress. I can't even get as far as I did in the first try and soon, I'm spent. I feel older, weaker, and soon I stop completely.

Damn that first step.

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