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For all the people

Has it become a crime to express an unpopular opinion these days?

I thought it was bad enough that no one listened to me. But after years, I finally realized that no one listening to me was the most freeing thing in the world. As horrible as I am at expressing myself, the sole comfort I had was that I was neither fettered and beholden to people who look up to me. Despite my insignificance, I could at least yell into the void, and the other people would not act against me.

Now, it gets to the point where the other people who I rail against actually do have power over me, not merely because of their influence and my insecurities, but because of their direct actions. If I hold a position, my words are deleted. When I support an opinion with facts, then people find a way to get rid of the evidence. When I go and speak my mind, I am silenced.

If no one cares what I think, if you don't want me in your presence, why can't you just leave me alone? If you ignore me and don't care, why not just leave it at that and not care? Am I hurting you that much by simply existing?

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