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You DON'T want to know what spawned this...

I've been thinking about the X-Men movies for a while, and one of the things that has bothered me earlier in the franchise is how diminished the characters were in comparison to their portrayal in the comic books. I don't mean just in terms of abilities, but also in terms of the personalities themselves. In the original movie, it seemed as though the entire cast was severely under-written and shoehorned into a B-Movie comic book plot. X2 took the time to flesh some of the characters out and was a better movie overall, but still, some characters were able to benefit more from the expansion than others.

In X3, some characters were "removed" from the canvas or sidelined to tell a story that was once again subpar. While we know a lot of them will be back in the next X-Men movie, I'm wondering if the next installment should do something to really shake up the franchise. I have a proposal, one that will probably get me laughed off Livejournal.

Kill off Storm.

Not just a temporary death, a fake death, a Star Trek death, or a soap-opera death where there's a clone or alternate universe doppelganger. Kill the character off, hopefully with dignity.

The primary reason to do this isn't to punish Halle Berry (a simple recast would suffice for that), but because the character as shown in the films really serves no dramatic purpose by surviving. Her personality seemed to change with every movie. From a bland follower of Xavier's dream, to a foil to Nightcrawler, to a quasi leader in X3, Storm has really been all over the place. Despite the attempts to display her as an "old friend" or "teacher" the Hollywood version of Storm has no real connections to the other characters, and it appears that barring something spectacular happening in X4, there's no reason for us to expect her character to be defined in a manner that would giver her a clear, dramatically useful her and allow her to grow.

However, despite the disappointment of movie Storm, the character is a main character, which is another reason why she needs to die. Since Storm is one of the central characters of the franchise, the death in the movies would signify a big break with the establishment and the freedom to tell more stories. Some would say X3 did that as well, and we don't need any more upheaval, but I argue the opposite. The problem with X3 isn't that is cleared too much dead wood but HOW it was done and the lackluster nature of the replacements. Since a good 75%-100% of the people who were put to the side (either by death or depowerment) are likely to return in some fashion, why not make a death to mean something. Take out the heart, and let the rest of the body bleed dry.

That's just my silly opinion, though, but if X4 is going to be good, I can't see how the movie can be and allow Storm to stay alive. It's time for the Wind Rider to die.
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