Nangbaby (nangbaby) wrote,

Because people are tired of me whining...

If you could pick any TV show that has been off the air to come back for one more season, which show would you pick and why?
This is a really difficult question.  If I had to pick one show, it would have to be Wolf Lake.

Wolf Lake, despite being panned by critics, had everything.  Good writing, good acting, and a phenomenal presentation.  It wasn't perfect to be sure, but in fact that's why I would want it to come back, because unlike a lot of shows that deserve a second chance, I am confident that it would improve on its already great base.  There are too many loose ends that were simply ignored, and the conclusion of the show was unsatisfying, leading to more questions than answers.

There are other shows I'd love to see on the air again (GvsE, ESPN's Playmakers, etc), but only if they were done right.  Without preconditions, though, it would be Wolf Lake.
Tags: writer's block

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