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An Interesting Find on the Internet

Oct. 9th, 2008 | 02:17 pm

If you've been having trouble with AVG updating as of late due to an Invalid Update Control CTF file, I found the following blog entry which tells you precisely how to fix what's wrong.

To summarize, the solution is to search your hard drive for .CTF files. If you're using Windows XP, search for any file, including hidden files (make sure this option is checked), with string ".CTF" in the file name. Note, that the file should be less than 100K, so choose this option in the search menu to make searching easier in Windows XP. It should be within the "avg/update" folder. Just delete the CTF files in this folder, then try to have AVG run another update. The CTF files will be created again, correctly this time...

...eh, who am I kidding? I fail at giving directions. Just click the link...and read.

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