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Goddamn Anime

I hate posting to LiveJournal with Opera... The HTML Tab is missing. Then again, I am so out of touch with anything that I am not going to even try to catch up at this point.

For the longest time, now, I had been seeing avatars of certain, extremely simplified (even for anime) characters designs of prepubescent girls and dismissed it in the category of "Shit I Don't Give a Rats Ass About." What started to catch my attention were the animated gifts, which were extremely well animated. So I filed it under the endless pile of "Shit to Look Into One Day."

Finally, about a year later, I found out what these avatars were about. They were of Lucky Star characters. Until this day I had never even heard of this title, so needless to say, I felt as though I'd been out of the loop for longer than I had realized.

Then I recall someone having this image as a signature on the message board. The coloring and general mannerisms were similar to those Lucky Star characters, so I assumed they were part of the same anime. Wikipedia soon proved me wrong.

So I thought, "Am I getting so old that all anime is really starting to look alike?" and I searched the names listed in the image and got nothing, until I saw a post that had the alternate spelling of one of the characters' names. From there I finally found out they were from an entirely different show, Rozen Maiden.

Then I saw the screens from the anime of these characters, and I realized that I wasn't going crazy, just someone thought it was fun to draw anime characters I had never heard of in the style of manga/anime characters, I had never heard of.

This is now filed under the festering pile of "I Wasted Too Much Time On This Shit."

Edit: Actually, I started to search this on YouTube where it actually auto-corrected the spelling for me and would have saved me a few minutes of confusion. It's a shame that YouTube embedded engine caught this FASTER than Google's standard search engine, and it's part of the same company.

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