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"She's not dead. She's just sleeping."

Feb. 26th, 2009 | 02:05 am
mood: pensivepensive

The title of this entry has nothing to do with its content, although if you figure it out, I'll give you a gold star.

Before I begin, I have an announcement to make. I will be using Flock from now on, as I can finally see annotations on YouTube with this browser. Down with AVG and Opera, both of which turned my casual browsing into a nightmare of inaccessibility.

Now, thanks to damaris I have a long-winded post dedicated five subjects she associates me with. According to the rules of this meme, anyone who comments on this post has to write about five subjects I associate the commenter with, so you'd better be quiet, or else.

Anyway, the five subjects are Steelers, Sailor Moon, Sprite comics, kids (or lack thereof, really), and deep-seated opinions.

Be warned, a lot of what I have written has been stuffed in me for weeks, months, and years, but I filed it in the cabinet of "Junk No One Cares About But Nang." As a result, what I've written is disorganized, even by my horrible standards. If you want me to clarify or expound further on something, please leave a comment.

Steelers -- After the Super Bowl victory, the second in three years, you would expect me to be waxing poetic about how the Pittsburgh Steelers are not only the most consistent franchise in the modern NFL era, but that this marks the dawn of a new dynasty. I'm not going to talk that talk, because it hasn't yet been proven. Heck, I'm not even sure Steeler Nation should be elevating the players and coaches to the Hall of Fame while they're still active, and we definitely shouldn't be talking about getting ten rings while Mike Tomlin is the coach.

I did not expect the Steelers to have as good of a season as they had, and much of it was due to to the fact that that Ben Roethlisberger was held together with a chicken wing and some duct tape. Yeah, there were a lot mistakes during the year on his part, too, but other than a stint or two, Byron Leftwich was thankfully a non-factor. Dennis Dixon from what I saw in that Buffalo preseason game has tremendous potential, and Charlie Batch is an excellent quarterback when he's healthy, so I hope this means Byron's going bye-bye. I won't miss him if he leaves.

But what concerns me about the Steelers over the next few years is the drafting. Hines Ward played his heart out as always, but he can't keep it up forever, no matter how badly he would like to keep it up. While many of the stars are relatively young and have plenty of years ahead of them, the new names and faces that come in don't seem to be franchise players. Santonio Holmes proved his worth, of course, but he was the last high-profile pick of the Cowher era. The jury is still out on Lawerence Timmons. And through no-fault of his own, Rashard Mendenhall became a non-factor. And let's not talk about the Alonzo Jackson-level embarrassment known as Limas Sweed. Lamar Woodley is an exception to the rule, but I'm worried that the seeming weakness in drafting new blood is going to haunt the team and prevent it from rising to its potential, no matter how much the special teams has improved from even three years ago.

Of course, I could be proven wrong about this, and I hope to be wrong. Troy Polamalu was considered a bust after the 6-10 2003 season (although no one wants to ever admit that part of the reason why Polamalu didn't beat out Mike Logan in the strong safety position in preseason of 2003 was that Logan was underrated...but that's another story...) but all those memories have been swept away like Turnover Tommy. But I'm worried that if there isn't more done -- this year Deshea Townsend can't play forever, and Ike Taylor, while a good defender, is not an elite cornerback -- Larry Fitzgerald is good, but #24 was the weak spot in the Steelers defense...notice how quiet everyone's been about him. Quite frankly, Ike does not have the hands to intercept the ball more often. The offensive line problems and the problems with finding high-quality corners are not going to fix themselves.

By winning the Super Bowl now, Mike Tomlin hasn't just raised the bar to a level he can never surpass; he's going to be accused of never being able to surpass that bar in the first place without the foundation that Cowher built. Which is really sad, because I don't want Tomlin to get canned like Therrien got canned from the Penguins simply because he doesn't give the Steelers a perfect season.

I'm quitting here simply because I will honestly never get to the other subjects if I don't stop...

Sailor Moon -- I'm a fan of the Sailor Mon dub. Always have been, always will be. Despite not having seen the show in ages, I still love it. I'm starting to appreciate the Cloverway episodes a little instead of automatically gagging when I hear Linda Ballentyne's voice, but I still prefer the DiC dub, cheesy as it is.

Although my favorite Sailor Scout list is relatively fixed, in recent years I have started to appreciate what some people see in the characters I don't like. I've mentioned this previously, but Sailor Uranus, while far from a favorite of mine, has gone from being a character I dislike to a character that I can view more favorably. I've also come to tolerate, albeit not necessarily like, Sailor Venus as well. You see I didn't realize it, but while her later "airhead" personality is a bit annoying, it's really good for catching enemies off guard, and the fact that most of her attacks are underrated. I still want to paint her hair green or something, just to humiliate her. Or maybe have her get beat up by Uranus. Then again, my money's on Venus actually, as long as the doesn't let Uranus come close. Blind her with those laser-like Crescent Beams!

...now where the heck did that come from?

The sad thing is despite this appreciation for Uranus, it only makes me want to strangle Neptune even more. Maybe Sylar can come along and steal her abilities. That makes me wonder what ability would he get? The ability to use "Deep Submerge" and her mirror? Or would he just get the ability to turn into Sailor Sylar?

Getting back to the subject, thinking of Sailor Moon reminds me of the projects that I had associated with it. There was that whole comic I was working on that was going to made solely through screenshots, official art, and fanart. I thought about pursuing that one comic, but lack of an interested audience led me to abandon it. Thankfully, I only think about that once or twice a month. I also think about the Chrono Trigger-style Sailor Moon sprites I was working on, but needed help to finish. Heck, I even started to think about the silly sprite limited series with Another Story sprites I was going to make. At least I got the Sailor Scouts Reloaded series somewhat done, even if I'm too lazy to get the SFX I need to do the other videos I planned.

My thoughts also turn to the fanfic universes that played in my head. I thought of writing up the whole discarded summary of the stupid ideas that I had intended to fanfic if only to purge those ghosts from my mind. If anyone wants me to do this, please let me know and I will. Otherwise, I'll think of them even as I expire...

Sprite comics -- One of the sad things about the Internet has been the decline in sprite comics. Sure there are still sprite comics, but most of the ones around have ceased updating, and there are so many good ones that have disappeared entirely. The Uncanny X-Sprites and Reploid Hunter Iris are mere memories, and of course, there are so many ones like magnus_samma's Mega Man X: Crossed Wires that were never truly appreciated when they were around. So I only have two sprite comics that I read regularly, CVRPG and 8-Bit Theater, the latter only because I want to see if Brian Clevinger is going to end the thing in a way that will at least return some of the time I sunk into following it in the form of enjoyment. It doesn't look likely, though. That only leads CVRPG which is simply the most consistent quality comic.

But thinking of sprite comics reminds always brings me to my own. Despite the fact that it's been almost two years since I last updated, there's not a day that goes by that I don't think about Maggie (yeah, I call her that, and she doesn't like it) Anne, and the other characters who have never showed up in the comic. The possibility that Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen will receive a Virtual Console release only makes me feel worse and fills me with more regret and angst. I definitely want to come back, and my problem has never been coming up with ideas or scripts, but in the execution. The basic problem is that it simply takes me too long, time-wise, and too much effort to create a comic. Spriting is hard, getting backgrounds is time-consuming. Even the copy and paste comics take hours to make and while the end result is worth it to me, not many people seem to think so. I do feel terrible for disappointing the people who have written me, who have commented, people like James Beaver, Santiago Posas, and others who did stop to cheer me on.

That and I need help with a new design for the site. I don't want a full fledged redevelopment, as I would only want a website that I understand and can edit off-line. I know what I want to do in a sense, it's just that trying to manipulate the CSS and images is a hair pulling experience. I don't have the skill to do it alone and I can't rely on anyone else to do it for me, so I quit.

Kids -- I think a lot of people recoil at my words when I write, "I hate children." I don't like them; I don't like to be around them and I wish they didn't exist. I don't want to kill them or hurt them; just the thought of such acts rouses some dormant maternal instinct that makes me want to put the lay the smackdown on a monster like Freddy Kruger. However, a recent experience only reminded me why I don't want to be around children.

The other day, I came across someone I knew who was out in public with a toddler. I wanted to catch up with this person but instead I had to play nice for this precocious child. Most children know not to talk to strangers, but this child was talking to me and being a drama king. I barely know what to say to adults, but most grown folks, after a few terse answers, take the hint and get out of my face. No, this inquisitive child would not let me escape or talk to his caretaker. After a few minutes the torture was over, but still, I felt more uneasy after that encounter than I did if I had to stand up and give a speech.

On the other hand, there is some part of me that is starting to regret the path I've chosen. My mind knows that financially, spirituality, and emotionally, I am not fit to care for and raise a human being. I'm worried, though, that by the time I find myself mature and responsible enough to do so, it will be too late. Don't get me wrong. I know that I can always adopt, and the chance of my contribution to the genetic gene pool wouldn't even last a generation, but being a member of VHEMT isn't appealing to my contrarian senses any more, It doesn't help when more and more often I'm having dreams of actually being pregnant. Not the act of getting pregnant, but the body-changing process of a heavy, belly swelling with an alien life form that will become my son or daughter.

Then again, my biological clock is kicking me in overdrive by filling my abdomen with a very uncomfortable, albeit not truly painful tightness around ovulation....well, okay sometimes there's an ache. For over a quarter century of my life, libido was a foreign concept, as every time I it was a pure physiological reaction, often tied to something negative (fear, exercise, defecation, etc). Now, I can actually conceive how the act of copulation would relieve pressure, even if people thankfully disgust me enough to prevent it from ever happening. But the clock knows that if I hate kids, it might just try to trick me into believing sex is good. Too bad I'm onto my aging body's tricks.

deep-seated opinion -- I have deep-seated opinions? Really? I didn't know that!

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Comments {6}


from: evil_kieben
date: Mar. 26th, 2009 04:26 pm (UTC)

Cell phone internet won't let me read any of the entries.

Isn't the thread title from the movie license to drive
With corys haim and feldman?

Since I commented you have to give me five topics to
Talk about. But this is really a trick to see what five
Things you associate when you think of me. See how I am?

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from: nangbaby
date: Mar. 26th, 2009 05:42 pm (UTC)

I wasn't referencing that consciously...actually it was paraphrasing of a biblical verse (which is an actual quote in one translation). But the reason why I was quoting it is due to an ending in a recently released (for console, anyway) video game. Either way, it's garlic balogna.

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Oh, yeah and about the entries...

from: nangbaby
date: Mar. 26th, 2009 05:44 pm (UTC)

Can you read it from this URL?


And your five topics are Pittsburgh, Cay the Caterpillar, Sega, Guy, and King of Fighters

Edited at 2009-03-26 05:45 pm (UTC)

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Re: Oh, yeah and about the entries...

from: evil_kieben
date: Mar. 26th, 2009 07:25 pm (UTC)

Nope! On the main page I can see your five topics, but clicking on them or the reply tab or the link you provided just takes me to a blank post that informs me of your current pensiveness.

I'll have to read them from the library sometime. At which time I will address my five topics.

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Re: five topics...

from: No Name Person
date: Mar. 26th, 2009 10:26 pm (UTC)

Pittsburgh: I was born in Pittsburgh. I've also lived in Hendersonville, Carnegie, and Canonsburg. When asked I always just told people I was from Pittsburgh.

I haven't lived in Pennsylvania for 16 years though. That's half my lifetime ago! Sadly, by the time I was old enough to drive I was living in Ohio. All the places I used to like in Pittsburgh, I don't know how to get to myself. Over the years I've had friends who lived there and I've needed their help to find anything.

During my late teens I used to like to hang out at the Point to be alone, to think, and to watch the people go by. But back then, and especially now, I don't even know where I'm supposed to park to go down there any more. I think I could probably find Kennywood on my own, but that's pretty much almost a straight shot down the bypass, so it doesn't count.

As a whole, the city seems to be deteriorating. I'm not really sure it's a place I'd want to hang out anymore. I'm even (almost) afraid to go to Kennywood anymore; one of these days the Jack Rabbit really IS going to pop all the way off the tracks. The last time I went I wouldn't go anywhere near the Racer. I just had a totally bad feeling about that one.

I'm not sure what the city needs now. It's like whoever used to care about it has finally given up, and is just letting it go. That bothers me because I have such fond memories of it.

Cay the Caterpillar: Cay was one of numerous characters I made up when Helen, Chris, and Sara were still our friends. His story was that he was some sort of spy, "Espionage Extrodinaire" he used to refer to himself. As a caterpillar, he could move unseen to mose casual observers, and see the tiniest specks of evidence in things like table dust. His primary mode of mass transportation was to curl up behind Helen's ear. If it was MY ear I'd totally freak out to find a caterpillar hiding behind it. The name Cay was simply a spelling-out of the letter K which is the first letter of my screen name.

Cay the Caterpillar has not been seen in years. His whereabouts are unknown.

Sega: I had the Master System. Those were good times.
Then I had the Genesis. Those, too, were good times.
Then I had the Saturn. Those were the best times.
Then I had the Dreamcast. Those were good times IF you liked Marvel vs Capcom, Street Fighter 3, or Capcom vs SNK. I didn't.

It was all downhill from there. A lot of the blame originally went to Sega's marketing department, but I think the deeper cause was that Sega forgot how to make good games. In the Genesis and Saturn era, a LOT of Sega's own games were some of my absolute favourites. Nowadays, it's gotten so bad that the Sega logo on a game almost guarantees that I will NOT like it.

Guy: Guy was a great character in Street Fighter Alpha 2 and 3. He was ranked low tier in 2, but had some really great boons granted to him in 3 that made him a solid middle, maybe even high middle.

What I really liked about him though was that not many people used him. Since he didn't play like a traditional Street Fighter character, it was not so much like learning a new character as it was learning an entirely different game.

The Guy website I made is still up on geocities, but I haven't updated it in years.

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Re: five topics...

from: evil_kieben
date: Mar. 26th, 2009 10:27 pm (UTC)

I guess the KoF post was too long. It told me I had exceeded my character limit of 7300 by about 4000 characters. Also I forgot to log in. Doh!

King of Fighters: Street Fighter is good, but it has never been perfect. The closest it ever came was Alpha 2. Alpha 3 was a solid expansion on Alpha 2, but it expanded in all the wrong ways. The biggest stickler for me was the juggle system. Capcom made it so that ANY move could juggle... then gave the enemy character the ability to flip and completely avoid any move you tried to juggle them with. The end result was that attempting to juggle your opponent was almost universally a bad idea. Unless you were playing as Karen. In that case, the opponent flipping was a GOOD thing because Karen's kick super hit her enemy regardless, and by flipping, your enemy was resetting the combo, thus resetting the damage scaling, thus taking MORE damage than if htey had not flipped. So since it was in their better interest to not even attempt the flip, you could juggle them with absolute impunity. Karen was, undisputedly, the most powerful character in the game. Some would say Broken. Even as a Karen player myself, I'd have to agree.

Rather, if Capcom had stuck with the basic juggle engine of Alpha 2 (some special moves had juggle properties) and gave every character one or two moves that had such properties, it would have been a more balanced, more interesting game. For example, in Alpha 2, Chun Li can charge down for two seconds, then hit up+kick to do the Ascending Heaven Kick, which will juggle an airborne opponent. Charlie/Nash has a similar move, charge down, up+k to do his Flash Kick, but the Flash Kick CAN NOT JUGGLE. The big question is simply: Why?

But wait! This comment is supposed to be about King of Fighters! Overall, I think that the KoF characters are more personable than the SF characters, who tend to be mostly stereotypes. KoF also tends to be much more combo oriented. For example, let's take Ryu vs Blue Mary. Ryu has a two-part move, Standing Forward, a kick that hits twice. Similarly, Blue Mary has her Standing Heavy Punch, which hits twice. Now suppose that each character, from a neutral standing position, wanted to do a basic combo. Ryu could do his Standing Forward, but only the first hit can be cancelled! So Ryu's combo would be:

Standing Forward (1 hit) cancel into Fierce Hadouken (1 hit)
Total: 2 hits

Blue Mary, on the other hand, can do BOTH hits of her Standing Heavy Punch, then chain it into her Overhead attack, then cancel THAT into a move such as her spinning jumpkick thingie. So from the same neutral starting position, Mary's combo would be:

Standing Heavy Punch (2 hits) chain into Overhead (1 hit) cancel into spinning jumpkick thingie (1 hit)
Total: 4 hits

Combos are more flexible in KoF. SF combos follow stricter rules. The end result is that KoF is more fun, and more satisfying. The one thing that SF has over KoF is crossup attacks. When you knock a character down, you jump over them as they get up. When your imaginary vertical center line passes through their imaginary vertical center line, they must block the opposite direction (since blocking is done by holding backwards). But since they are getting up into your jumpkick, they can only guess whether or not those lines have crossed. It gives the attacker a 50% chance of landing a successful jumpkick, into a guaranteed combo. Most KoF characters do not have the ability to execute a crossup attack.

It's something that really bothered me about Capcom vs SNK. Capcom characters were gaining the abilities to roll, and evade, but the KoF characters gained crap. To be fair, they should have all received crossup attacks, but they did not. The SNK characters would have been SO much better if they had received them.

KoF 12 is supposedly coming to XBox 360 eventually, and I'll definately be picking it up. But since the internet is not even available where I live now, I almost wonder what's the point. 2D fighters are best played with other people, and get old really goddamn fast playing by yourself. But I guess after doing it my entire gaming life, I've gotten used to it by now.

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