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Why am I even typing this?

I don't know why, but sometimes characters bother me long after I have given them up. For instance, last year I tried my hand at NaNoWriMo again, this time by picking an idea that was so horribly cliched and bad that I felt I could write it in my sleep. I failed, of course, but the problem is despite quitting the novel, the characters don't go away. And now the stupidest thing brought them to the forefront. Although these were five principal characters of the novel, none of them were the main character (Alexis "Lexie" Peters, a stereotypical amnesiac). Instead they were superheroes, also known as ParaNorms (colloquially known as "pears").  These five didn't work as a team, have secret identities, but gained the unofficial name "The Valkyries."

Amy Armstrong -- Dependable and reliable, Amy is bit of a tomboy, but more of in an ordinary working-gal way. Despite taking her work seriously, she's friendly and approachable, as well as loyal to fault if your befriend her.

Powers: Super strength. Resistance to injury, poisons, disease (but not aging).

Fun Fact: Amy tends to sucker unsuspecting boozehounds into drinking contests, only to see even the most tolerant drinker fall down into an alcoholic stupor....and for her to drop him or her at their doorsteps.

Lucy Flowers -- A loner by nature, Lucy trusts no one, and is likewise not trusted. In spite of her inability to work with others, she executes the duties to which she is assigned with a clever effectiveness, and her unique abilities provide her with information that would otherwise go ungathered.

Powers: Plant communication and growth, limited light manipulation

Fun Fact: Lucy is adept at playing the piano, but will never play for an audience.

Kate Kestrel -- Kate is a physical contradiction, a tall and imposing figure, yet at the same time possessing both a feminine shape (to her chagrin) and a talent as a natural leader (also to her chagrin). Although she can come across as stoic, to those closer to her she reveals a sense of humor and compassion.

Powers: Self-sustained Flight (soaring, not hovering), super speed.

Fun Fact: Despite her cool demeanor, she goes crazy for memorabilia of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Grace Meridian -- A mermaid with six tentacles on top of her head, she is both the siren and the sea monster. She lives to gossip, shop, and party....mostly the first. Despite her shallow persona she is a both brilliant strategist with a ruthless streak that extends beyond either her cutting remarks or the reach of her boneless arms.

Powers: Breathing underwater, limited hydrokinesis, tentacles are strong enough to support herself when out of water

Fun Fact: Grace Meridian loves good independent films, although her secret vice is soap operas.

Bernice Torchwood -- Small in stature, Bernice has a child-like mind but a terrifying power, and a more terrifying ease with which she controls that power. Fortunately her simple mind prevents her from using her abilities to anything more than start fires or freeze water, which she does at a regular frequency.

Powers: Thermodynamic control in an extremely localized area, and immunity to the effects of each in an environment

Fun Fact: Bernice's favorite food ice cream, but despite her ability to control heat, she never bothers to make it for herself.

There, now that I got these horrible characters onto this page, may they bother me no more!
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