Nangbaby (nangbaby) wrote,

Stupid Things on My Hard Drive

So today, I decided to take on a task so simple that it would be impossible to screw up.  I was going to organize the images on my hard drive.

Let me start from the beginning.  Like most Internet users, if I see an image I like a lot, I tend to save it on the computer. That way, if anything happens to the copy on the Web, at least I have a copy.  Note, I don't save everything I like, so it's not like I have entire archives of art or photos, but a selection here and selection there.

However, I tend to dump everything in the same folder, which means I have photographs, fan art, screenshots and Super NES sprites all in the same place.  So today I decided I was going to change that and categorize this stuff.

So in sorting items, I come across this amusing screencap from Jump the Shark 2007.

Now, I never thought would die the way it did, but still, I wonder where the blazes would anyone get such an idea that Goku and Vegeta are related, let alone cousins.  I mean is there some really popular fanfic out there that someone is confusing the show with, or did this idiot pull this crap out of his or her stinkhole?   The sad thing is I don't think this an instance of random trolling but someone being stupid, making a comment that has nothing to do with the argument of whether or not Dragonball Z "jumped the shark."

Well, I have enshrined your stupidity, nameless Internet person.  And if the files on my hard drive last long enough, you will not be alone.

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