Nangbaby (nangbaby) wrote,

Stream of consciousness as my ideas start to bother me...

Ah, Lexie, Lexie...why do you pester me so? I gave you up as a character months and months ago. Please go don't cry like that. Go in the corner and commisserate with Margaret. She's just your type, now go...what do you mean you're NOT her type...Now wait a minute you two! I didn't mean it like that. Maggie, I'm getting to your comic and your fanfic. I'm just trying...AAAH Fists of Doom! I gotta get out of here!... Oh High Society...why do I think of you now TWELVE years later. Maybe you can beat Maggie and Lexie in...No that's not Alex, she looks nothing like her...No all of you ideas...go away and play in the pit with the rotten tomatoes! Go AWAY!

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