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Proof I'm as bad as I say I am.

There's this thing called ArtPad, which is like an oekaki board without the stratification and rules. If your version of Flash is compatible, you can go there and with an empty canvas paint whatever your heart desires. Some of you may cry you can do that with any image making program from Photoshop to Paint, and some people do, but quite frankly, I feel it's a waste of time when you want to just make marks for no reason. At first I was really into it, because with tools these crude only the very best of artists would make something recognizable or brilliant. Hence, I could make junk all day and it would look no worse than Mr. Talented Fancy Pants. And most of all, other than the few friends I'd show the link, it would be anonymous, as a such talent and lack of could finally be divorced from its creator.

Then came along some realy good people, who decided to show with a mouse how great they were and ruin the fun for us inferior Joes and Janes. Phooey on them.

Still, I go back to it from time because sometimes I get an image in my mind that I want to put down without having to make the committment or effort I would spend if I were serious. Here's an image I made tonight. It's far from what I had in my mind, but I know that it was the closest I could get it to be. Let it be known that when I say my skills suck, I mean that. So let this put the rest the notion I have any talent whatsoever with this proof. The ArtPad version can be found here, but for the lazy and those who can't access the image...

Yes, I put this up just for attention. Deal with it.

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