Nangbaby (nangbaby) wrote,

Just a quick snippet of something else I'll never finish. It's short, so it doesn't get a LJ cut.


Uriel shifted his eyes left and right then flailed the blazing sword in his hand, causing a trail of flames to follow the firebrand's path. The lines of fire faded as quickly as the urgency behind the angel's movements and the sword was soon returned to its scabbard. The blade has passed thorugh nothing but air, in the same fashion it had five thousand times before. Uriel was tired of guarding a garden humans had been banished from for centuries. It wasn't as though he wouldn't be able to hear or see one approach; the very earth they were made of rendered them incapable of stealth to spiritual eyes.

Still, while he hated his duty he did not dare leave his post. His love for God was too great for him to disobey. Uriel had made his choice long ago. The path of love was the same as the path of duty. But his thought still wandered from time to time and though the angel had been created from the same pure spiritual material as the others, he knew that he was not perfect. And right now, he longed to be enveloped in the cloud of rest and swept away in the wind of respite.


Immediately, Uriel came to full awareness, drawing his blade in desperation. Had he gotten so wrapped up in his train of thought that a human has actually slipped past and entered the garden? He strained his senses toward the physical realm, hoping to catch the sight, scent, or sound of a man or woman in the vicinity. But after casting his senses all about, he was rewarded with no new sensations. He was tempted to leave his post and investigate. After all he could end up capturing the theives and bring them before the Lord as punishment. But he stopped himself from acting on his boredom. His duty was to stand at the gate and ward off intruders, no more, no less. He would not repeat Lucifer's mistake. Learning to be content with his own station would be its own reward.

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