Nangbaby (nangbaby) wrote,

Writer's Block: Job search

Are you happy at your current job? Do you think there's such a thing as a dream job? What do you hope to be doing five or ten years from now? Are you working towards that goal?

As some of you know, I temp at a firm. I've been temping there for a few years now. Thankfully, I've only had two assignments, a shorter, "daylight" shift assignment and my current "second" shift assignment. Both assignments consist of similar work, but because the nature of work is confidential, I can't discuss what I do. I'll tell you I'm not in the FBI or any sort of law enforcement or security.

To be honest, I can't say I'm happy at my job, although it's not the labor that bothers me -- it's the benefits. If I had health insurance and a much better pay, then I could easily file papers, stuff envelopes, and process forms for the rest of my life. While I would prefer to be doing something in my field (mathematics/engineering), I realize that getting paid is more important than doing something you love.

Then again, I don't think there is something as a dream job, at least not for me. There are certain things that I love doing. Despite my complaints about my final results, I love spriting, but if I had to actually do it every day, I'd whine even more about it than I do now. I love playing video games, but if I had to do it every day, I'd hate it. The same is true with any activity I love -- yes, including whining. My dream job would consist of me waking up whenever I felt like it, and incoherently telling someone else my ideas for pictures, movies, novels, etc. I'd set up the initial conditions, limitations, and plot and have the peons do all the physical, mental, and legal work to bring the ideas to life, and me getting paid for it.

Five years ago, I used to hope that I'd be middle-management somewhere, perhaps leading a team or projects, while on the side finishing that novel I was working on. Right now, I just hope I'll have health insurance and hope I'll get a raise (which would be the same amount of raises I've earned in my "career" so far). Yes, my expectations have lowered that much.
Tags: dream job, job search, writer's block

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