Nangbaby (nangbaby) wrote,

Why I Hate woekitten

One of the continual struggles I have is dealing with my paranoia. Yes, I am paranoid. I worry that if I ever display any information that is personal (name, picture, etc.), that someone will use it against me. Nearly every time I have let down my guard, I have been stabbed in the back. It may have taken weeks, months, or in some cases years, but people betray my trust, even after claiming that I'm making a big deal out of something that isn't a big deal.

So, while I don't go overboard with my need for anonymity, I don't advertise myself either. As a result, people have used my caution and concern against me. Since I tend not to give a name, according to others I should not be trusted. Since I do not put up pictures, according to others, I must be ugly. No amount of logic will change this viewpoint. As terrible as the price I pay for being paranoid, at the very least, I thought, it would not affect those I know in real life.

Unfortunately, I was wrong.

In the past few months I inadvertently a became a black knight of sorts, riding to the defense of a woman who has been maligned in the same fashion as I have been in the past. Despite being an actress who is a very public figure, like me she did not disclose certain private information. Like me, she was targeted by a familiar enemy, that of woekitten. Unlike me, though, not only was a reputation at stake, but in Ms. Korey's case, but an entire career. Even without that superficial similarity, I realized I had to speak out for another reason: penance.

Simply put, despite railing against the talented for most of my life, for the first time I realized that Tinsel Korey as a talented person was a person subject to the same attacks as myself. And in that moment, my protective instinct kicked in. Here was someone who was talented, who was worth defending on the general principle of giving everyone the benefit of the doubt. Instead of moping about my lack of ability, I decided to make my feelings known and stand up to those who would sully an actress out of petty jealousy.

Still, I know I'm meaningless in the grand scheme of things. I expected to get dismissed and insulted. After twelve years of experiencing that on-line, I wouldn't expect anything to be different.

Except it was different. Instead of just calling me a name, or even telling a minor lie, a major one came from those on woekitten's side. One that took root and spread. What lie is this? That I am Tinsel Korey (see the comments).

I have been discredited completely and even one friend of mine has stopped talking to me simply because of this lie.

This mess has bothered me more than the initial Mechadrake fiasco (ruined my name), the GTF mess (stomped all over my heart and trust), the ICVD betrayal (people actually came after me after shunning me), the Kel McDonald libel, Brian Clevinger's lies and disdain (who deserves his own separate Web site). The person who started this ball rolling, woekitten, landed a cushy gig with the New York Times Company. She furthered her career at the expense of Tinsel Korey, a "friend" woekitten admits has fought harder than she ever did; taking me down seems to have been a fringe benefit.

So I have decided to open up and literally speak out. I hope that at least like the aforementioned McDonald and Clevinger, she'll let me stew in my own juices instead of trying to censor me. (Edit: Apparently, I was wrong about Clevinger and McDonald, as they did not leave me alone.) But if woekitten doesn't give me my space, then it's on, and if I have to provide as many details about myself to defeat this rumor, then so be it. My paranoia and got me into this mess, so if I have to make a lot of noise to get out of it, I'm gonna scream.

To sum up this mess of an entry, I'm Nangbaby, and I'm not Tinsel Korey.
Tags: anger, liars, mechadrake, new moon, rage, rants, tinsel korey, twilight
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