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The 24 Days of Final Fantasy III 2009 Edition -- Day One

As promised, I have provided the first entry in the The 24 Days of Final Fantasy III challenge. Note, if you've never played Final Fantasy III/VI before, these entries will contain spoilers for the game, so if you've never played this game, be warned.

If you want to look at videos from this challenge, you can look at them here: - Links to gameplay in day-by-day format in 5-15 minute segments (outdated link) - Links to gameplay in day-by-day format in totality

You can also look at the entire day's playthrough in segments or in entirety.

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Day One

LOCATION: South Figaro

PARTY MEMBERS: Edgar (Lv. 8 HP 142/169), Locke (Lv. 8 HP 83/168), Terra (Lv. 6 HP 114/94 MP 18/40)



GP: 95

First of all, despite my disastrous 2006 run, I have no intention on making this a speed run or doing things any quicker this time around. If I end up performing more efficiently than I did in previous attempts, it will be out of luck rather than planning or practice.

I started the game, watched the introduction, and skipped past the various patches of dialogue and the opening credits. Immediately, I put Terra in the back row, as I knew I'd most likely forget to do this later. Instead of making a beeline for the Narshe Cave, I wandered a little around town as much as I could (which isn't much). I wanted to make sure I encountered all of the enemies before proceeding.

After a couple of battles, I wanted to change the default settings on this game, and changed the background screen menu color to a familiar green as well as speeding up the battle messages and setting the cursor to Memory. After fighting the introduction battles I decided to save in the point provided in the cave, and I even read the save point explanation I've seen countless times. Soon it was time for the first boss, the Whelk. Since I hadn't played this game in a while, my timing was off, and I accidentally hit the Whelk's shell. Nevertheless, the battle was over quickly, and it was time for Vicks and Wedge to be ushered off the stage.

Next came the brief section of the game where Terra tries to escape through the Narshe Cave, fighting off enemies all by her lonesome. While I did grab the Elixir from the clock in Arvis' house, I left the treasure chests in the cave unopened, as I know they would turn into better items later on. However, I didn't strip Terra of her equipment before she fell into the hole and lost consciousness.

It was now time for Locke to come the rescue alongside the Moogles. I tried to maneuver the three groups of Moggles in the choke points to play it safe for the most part and let the enemy come to me. I'm glad I did because the Vomammoth's Blizzard attack did a lot more damage than I had remembered. Once the mobile enemies were beaten, I wasn't certain which group should battle the Marshal ad his Lobos. After a moment of indecision, I let Mog's group fight the boss. While Dancing, Mog took out Marshal with a PoisonFrog, and the rest of the enemy group was quickly defeated after that.

Sadly, I forgot to de-equip Mog before doing this and as a result, he ran away with equipment I could have used. After this section, I checked out the Classroom in Narshe, grabbed a couple of items, then left Narshe for warmer, drier scenery -- Figaro Castle.

There's not much I can say about the next section as it would be mostly plot summary. After seeing the king, I didn't head directly to Matron after Edgar invited me to explore the castle. I took some time to talk to a few individuals and raid a few treasure chests. I refused to buy any items or even any Tools, though. After triggering the Sabin backstory scene, I headed back to Edgar to bring about the introduction of Kefka proper (as opposed to his appearance in Terra's flashback). I used this opportunity to explore the areas of the castle while controlling Edgar, but there isn't much change in dialogue from that spouted in Terra's wanderings. I still get a kick of out of the maids talking about Edgar behind his back and noticing after their gossip that he's standing right there.

In any case, it was time for for the game to return control to Terra, and then subsequently Edgar again. After this is was boss battle time against the M-TekArmors. It was then I realized I had forgotten to take Terra and Locke out of the "back row" before the battle. Since this boss battle was a "Back attack" formation, this meant she was now in the front row. I decided to go through the battle with my intended plan, refusing to use Terra's magic unless absolutely necessary. I beat the armored carriers without using magic, simply because I like to save the "reaction" scene for later. After this and the escape to Figaro Cave, I launched the infamous "magic" reaction scene once inside the caverns. I went through it and once again I left the treasure chests unopened.

After this, I went to South Figaro. After following Shadow to the pub, I milled around aimlessly, talking to people and making a few purchases. I foolishly bought a Hair Band instead of a Plumed Hat for Terra. I did buy the Sprint Shoes relic though, as well as a few Jewel Rings. In the end, I walked around South Figaro a little more, then headed for the save point in the house of Duncan's wife.

While I definitely will play more today, I stopped here for two reasons. One, my Gamebridge is already starting to give me problems (and make me wish I had bought the Hauppauge PVR) and is causing noticeable lag. The second is that I needed to allow enough time for me to actually write this entry.
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